Black Willie


When our Willie Nelson strain is crossed back to the Vietnamese Black to create Old School Breeders Association Black Willy, all the desirable traits of the original cross are retained, however, with a higher more amplified sense of euphoria, a signature quality of the original Willie Nelson.

Black Willy CBD


Black Willy CBD 1st Place for High CBD in 2015 High Time Cannabis Cup—through careful selection and strengthening of high CBD variants in what is typically a high THC with low CBD strain.

Bubble Gum Indica


Bubblegum has some wonderful “bag appeal”, it smells just like super sweet pink bubblegum, and when grown right dried buds can be very “hard” and appear that they are dipped in crystal.

Early Purple Kush Cup Winner


Early Purple Kush seeds – winner 1st prize for the Medical Marijuana Cup at the Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto July, 2010.



Reeferman Seeds Harmony is a three way hybrid of Reeferman’s Santa Marta Colombian Gold x OG Kush (Lemon OG) x Lemon Thai Male.

Harmony Kush Feminized


Cannabis Cup Winning Harmony Kush Guaranteed 100% Female & Stable Cannabis Seeds.

$110(USD) – 10 Feminized Seeds

$60(USD) – 5 Feminized Seeds

Kodiak Gold X Mango


Autoflowering! Kodiak Gold X Mango Fast, Potent, Outdoor Cannabis Strain.



Lambs Breath Strain Seeds, 3RD Place Peoples Choice, 2015 High Times World Cup

Love Potion Next Gen


Love Potion The Next Generation strain seeds, your ticket to bold new worlds and beyond!

MBA Gorilla Glue #4


Gorilla Glue #4 is a Cup Winning Hybrid strain well known for it’s heavy and physical effects.

Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, Feminized Seeds


Experience near instant relaxation after a few tokes of Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, an Indica dominant strain of epic physical potency

$110(USD) -10 Feminized Seeds

$60(USD) – 5 Feminized Seeds

RockStar Kush


RockStar Kush is a Cannabis Cup Winner, developed in the medical gardens of Lower Mainland British Columbia (BC, Canada)

Tuna Kush


Tuna Kush, once a very guarded strain in very select circles, is now available to medical patients looking for strong and immediate relief. Tuna Kush is an extremely potent heritage Hindu Kush variety with origins in age-old hash smuggling routes. This variety drips resin in all growing phases and carries a very strong odor. At […]

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