90 Day Auto Flower


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Here we have our best autoflower to date. This strain is an Afghan Skunk crossed with an auto flowering Durban Poison. Planted outside at the end of May or beginning of June, these super auto’s will finish between mid August and the beginning of September at 52 degrees latitude. To calculate when they will finish at your latitude just subtract 2 to 3 days per degree south of 52 for approximate finish time.

There are 2 pheno’s that will show up in this strain with the more indica plants coming in earliest and the sativa pheno’s of course, coming in a couple of weeks later.

These are very strong, fast growing and tough plants, with good resistance to the elements.

The indica types will reach about 4 feet with one main cola and a few small side branches yielding about 4 to 6 ounces.

The sativa types can reach up to 12 feet high and yield a half to 1 pound of top quality bud. These sativa’s are outdoor plants that look like indoor grown cannabis when dried and ready.

The taste is a very sweet and juicy with a hint of pepper and hash.

Another great quality of this strain is that it can be consumed for an extended period of time [even months] without developing a tolerance.

There are not many strains one can say that about these days, with most becoming boring after only a couple of weeks or even sooner.

These plants can also be grown indoors with great success but the sativa pheno’s can be a bit of a problem because of their speed and height.

In our opinion, the best method for growing this strain is in large containers [min. 10 gallon] with good organic soil, compost and peat mix. As they start to flower, add another few inches of worm castings or similar food and watch them go. Of course, even better is in prepared soil directly in the garden.

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10 Regular Seeds, 5 Regular Seeds


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