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Spotlight On: Jamaican Lion Sativa Seeds


  JAMAICAN LION SATIVA SEEDS (JAMAICAN TRIPLE CROWN COLLECTION) While a very Sativa plant, this is the more stout producer. It has the aggressive growing traits in our Reeferman Genetics™ Jamaican Triple Crown Collection with a faster finishing time. The qualities of the Jamaican Ganja heritage are quite detectable. In both the growing plants and the dried and cured buds. There are other qualities connoisseurs and expert growers may notice.… Read More »

Spotlight On: Victory Auto Flowering Industrial Hemp Seeds


  VICTORY AUTO FLOWERING INDUSTRIAL HEMP SEEDS Here we have an auto flowering hemp variety known for its high production of top quality hemp seed. These seeds are germination tested. Plants will grow 3 to 4 feet tall with one long bud and no branching therefore they can be planted close together. This variety has a 20 to 1 CBD to THC profile. CBD will average about 4% with THC… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Space Sativa Female Seeds

RMG Space Sativa

  RMG SPACE SATIVA FEMALE SEEDS A modern sativa strain for modern cannabis connoisseurs developed from the renowned Space Needle strain lineage. These chunky and frosty flowers grow very compact and potent buds. They drip with spicy and lemon notes accompanied by a gentle hint of creamy berries. These 100% guaranteed stable and female cannabis strain seeds are over 90% Sativa in the effects, which come on fast with lots… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Death Bubba Kush Seeds

Old School BA mba death bubba kush

  MBA DEATH BUBBA KUSH SEEDS MBA Death Bubba Is a multi-hybrid indica dominant Kush strain. It has strong physical potency with lots of earthy, musky sweet scented resin in a classic Kush bud. The original Death Bubba is a cross of Death Star X Bubba Kush. Our Monster Breeders Association version produces chunkier growth between nodes and adds a hint of sweetness to the bouquet. Still retaining very strong… Read More »

Spotlight On: Oldschool Nukem Seeds

Old School BA oldschool-nukem

  OLDSCHOOL NUKEM SEEDS OldSchool Nukem is a high potency sativa dominant strain available as feminized seeds. Sometimes known as Duke Nukem. The OldSchool version grows a little stouter with an earlier finishing time. Same look and nose as Duke Nukem. OldSchool Nukem has a few enticing skunky notes added to the bouquet. Nukem grown from feminized seed yields very well, and flowering time is usually around 8 to 10… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA London Cheese Female Seeds

Old School BA London-Cheese-Female-Seeds

  MBA LONDON CHEESE FEMALE SEEDS UK CHEESE FEMINIZED SEEDS BY MONSTER BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Old School BA is pleased to offer MBA London Cheese female seeds. The real UK Cheese cut made available in guaranteed stable 100% female seeds by our friends at Monster Breeders association is a must have for anybody looking for this eternal crowd pleaser to have in their stash or grow room. Yields are heavy and… Read More »

Spotlight On: Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush Cannabis Seeds

  HINDU KUSH SEEDS Hindu Kush is a truly pure indica strain. Recommended for patients with chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, nausea and depression. The THC level ranges from moderate to sharp. The leaves range from bright to dark green. Recommended for patients with chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, nausea and depression. Because of its indica properties, the effects cause a head high. Often it is used as a relaxant. Hindu Kush… Read More »

Spotlight On: Old School Turkish Hash Plant Seeds

Old School Turkish Hash

  OLD SCHOOL TURKISH HASH PLANT Landrace cannabis seed genetics from Old School Breeders. Fast, reliable and solid finishes with that old world hash flavor and deeply relaxing buzz. We are pleased to offer our stabilized Turkish Hash Plant genetics, sourced from original geographic region. Selectively bred and selected for hardy resin production yielding highly pleasing hashish for countless generations. Excellent quality buds can be grown from these genetics and… Read More »

Spotlight On: Fred’s White Widow Seeds

White Widow Outdoors cannabis seeds

Fred’s White Widow Seeds Originally bred by Green House Seeds White Widow was bred specifically for explosive trichomes production that is highly valued in making hash. She has an average THC of 18% to 20%, and sometimes as high 25% Flowering time is 8 to 10 weeks indoors and early to med September outdoors. White Widow is a high yielding indoor strain at 500gr to 600gr per square meter. White… Read More »

Spotlight On: BC Mango X NH21 Seeds

BC-Mango Cannabis Seeds

  BC Mango X NH21 If you seek BIG production possibilities, in BIG hardy plants with great qualities in the harvest you may find exactly what you are looking for in this cross. You can expect massive colas on plants that are easy to grow to large yields from a single plant. The BC Mango gets big fast, with minimal side branching and a tendency to develop very large and… Read More »

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