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Spotlight On: Old School Lemon Skunk Seeds

Old School BA oldschool-lemon-skunk

OLD SCHOOL LEMON SKUNK SEEDS Old School Breeders Lemon Skunk strain is a heavy yielding and exceptionally tasty strain available exclusively from Old School BA as feminized seeds. Lemon Skunk buds look and smoke great. Buds are large and made mostly of tightly stacked towers of calyx with very little leaf. Glistening with lots of resin, a strong and pronounced lemon citrus and pungent skunky odor characterizes the buds when… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Master Kush Ultra Female Seeds

ultra master kush

MBA MASTER KUSH ULTRA FEMALE SEEDS MBA Master Kush Ultra female seeds from Monster Breeders Association delivers pure potent and pungent kush gas. This strain definitely lives up to the Ultra moniker, being a sturdy and stout resin covered kush cross including Master Kush and MK Ultra lineage. Selected for it’s pungency and potency, these buds frost up all over against a dark purple to black backdrop in the final… Read More »

Spotlight On: Tuna Kush X Atomic NL Seeds


TUNA KUSH X ATOMIC NL SEEDS An F2 cross for selecting excellent mother plants to clone from for future crops or to add potency and fast finishing qualities to medicinal cannabis breeding programs.   Expect some variation in the offspring, although there will a dominant tendency towards short and stout plants that finish with hard and compact potent buds in around 7 weeks after starting the budding cycle. As a… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG CBD Pheno Seeds


RMG CBD PHENO SEEDS This high CBD strain (formerly known as a Charlotte’s Web phenotype) does well both indoors and outdoors and can withstand many types of stresses.   There is a range of phenotypes, which tend to be vigorous, fast growing and can require management of stretching if given extra time in vegetative growth. Despite the potential for stretching, they are medium sized plants with closely spaced buds. They… Read More »

Spotlight On: Tajikistani Hash Plant Seeds


TAJIKISTANI HASH PLANT SEEDS Reeferman™ Genetics Tajikistani Kush Tajakistani Kush is the real deal. With origins in the traditional hash making villages deep in the mountainous regions that border other noted countries of noted hash making history like Afghanistan and Pakistan. For growers this means literally thousands of years have been put into selecting only the best and most potent hash making plants from the genetics available in the region.… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Kilimanjaro Vanilla Kush Seeds

Old School BA Killa-Vanilla-Kush

RMG KILIMANJARO VANILLA KUSH SEEDS Type: Kush Lineage: Kush, Wedding Cake, Gelato RMG Kilimanjaro Vanilla Kush is an ultimate strain for growers looking for the very top end of the potency spectrum, ie 27+% THC in a plant that finishes compact and rock solid, slick with pungent sweet oils. While a compact grower with not much stretch at during the onset of flowering, this selection is also very hardy and… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Apple Pie Female Seeds

Old School BA reeferman-genetics-apple-pie

REEFERMAN GENETICS APPLE PIE FEMALE SEEDS Reeferman Genetics Apple Pie is a stellar sativa dominant strain. It was created by combining two top shelf landrace strains from Nepal and Mexico.  The buzz is happy, creative and uplifting, expect a good giggle fit socializing amongst friends with Reeferman Genetics Apple Pie. These seeds are carefully produced to guarantee 100% stable and female plants while preserving the vigor  and bouquet that this… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG OG Kush Seeds

Old School BA rmg-og-kush

RMG OG KUSH SEEDS Reeferman Genetics OG Kush RMG OG Kush was carefully selected and produced to give growers a stable and consistent gold standard in feminized seed form.  This is one of those strains that changed everything. Since it’s inception, there have been a lot of strains that have come along carrying the OG Kush moniker in their title. With the RMG OG Kush selection you know you are… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Vanilla Crescendo Seeds

Old School BA vanilla crescendo

RMG VANILLA CRESCENDO SEEDS RMG Vanilla Crescendo (Peach Crescendo X Vanilla Frosting) is an outstanding strain for potency and flavor.  The very vanilla, crystal covered and rock solid buds characterize these flowers.  These plants grow compact in veg and shoot up a good amount once flowering is started, with some space between nodes.  Great for trellising or ScRoG applications.  The individual buds up the entire stem grow solid. Has a… Read More »

Spotlight On: Rockstar Kush Seed

Rockstar Kush Old School

ROCKSTAR KUSH SEEDS A Cannabis Cup Winner, developed in the medical gardens of Lower Mainland British Columbia (BC, Canada). “The RockStar” as it has been come to known is widely regarded as one of the better buds you can smoke to kick back, relax and socialize with. Bubba Kush in an international superstar of phenomenal proportions both in popularity and for yield potential with growers. The resulting cross created by… Read More »

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