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Spotlight On: OG Kush Seeds


OG KUSH SEEDS The real deal-in reliable and stable seeds. True OG Kush explodes in early flowering like a Sativa, but finishes with compact, rock hard lemon fuel crystal coated nuggets like an Indica. The trademark buzz borders on psychedelic on the mind and provide an extremely long lasting, intense physical stone; very complex in effect and bouquet. One of the better yielding Kush strains you’ll encounter-the new gold standard.… Read More »

Spotlight On: Sour Diesel X Skunk Seeds


SOUR DIESEL X SKUNK SEEDS When two stable high yielding hard budded sativa dominant plants connect, you can select for a higher degree of what’s good in both of the parent plants in the offspring that result from this cross. Both Sour Diesel and especially Skunk have been used as the backbone in the numerous (and famous) crosses that have resulted in many of the more stable and reliable performing… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Gorilla Glue #4 Seeds

monster-gorilla glue-4-web6

MBA GORILLA GLUE #4 SEEDS REEFERMAN GENETICS™ PRESENTS MONSTER BREEDERS ASSOCIATION GORILLA GLUE #4 Gorilla Glue #4 is a Cup Winning Hybrid strain well known for it’s heavy and physical effects. MBA’s version combines Cup Winning Rockstar Kush genetics to allow a lightly reworked version to be available for discerning cannabis growers looking for seeds in regular form, versus clone only or feminized seed offerings offerings. The strain is originally… Read More »

Spotlight On: Kodiak Gold X Mango Seeds

Old School Kodak Gold X Mango

KODIAK GOLD X MANGO SEEDS Auto flowering! Kodiak Gold X Mango Fast, Potent, Outdoor Cannabis Strain. Auto flowering cannabis strains will grow buds regardless of day length, making them a great choice for growers who want to harvest outdoor year round or where light infiltration from patio lights or short growing seasons can be a problem. Typically, there is some sacrifice in potency for going auto flower characteristics, however, by… Read More »

Spotlight On: Z-Cut (Zen) Hash Plant X Tuna Kush Seeds


Z-CUT (ZEN) HASH PLANT X TUNA KUSH SEEDS One of the best all-round plants you may ever grow under lights to a medium or large size. Very impressive in both the potency and yield department. Flowering is a little longer than you might expect, a throwback to traits originating from the Santa Marta Gold genetic influx from the Z-HP project many years back. However the 10 weeks required to maturity… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Grape Gorilla Feminized Seeds

Old School BA RMG-grape-gorilla

RMG GRAPE GORILLA FEMINIZED SEEDS RMG Grape Gorilla is THE most grape scented and flavored strain you may ever find! All the foliage and even the hairs on the female flowers become a deep purple. RMG Grape Gorilla is not a grape scented novelty by any means. Plants rack up very large buds that are very frosty. Excellent potency and very heavy yields characterize RMG Grape Gorilla. Comes as guaranteed… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Sherbert Seeds

Old School BA Sherbert

RMG SHERBERT SEEDS Type: Hybrid, 60/40 Sativa : Indica Lineage: Sunset Sherbert, Kush, Mango RMG Sherbert is a great production plant for growers looking for bigger single plants that fill out fast. They have heavy yields of solid very potent and terpene rich buds. These buds are so sticky with resin that when even completely dried after harvest they will still gum up your scissors with a thick coating of… Read More »

Spotlight On: Northern Lights Seeds


NORTHERN LIGHTS SEEDS We, here at Old School are happy to offer our version of Northern Lights for your growing and smoking pleasure. After growing and selecting for the last 4 years from various NL’s from around the world as well as our own, we now have what is considered the closest to the original that we’ve seen. A low odor , hashy tasting, classic afghan. This strain has the… Read More »

Spotlight On: Old School Fire OG Seeds

Old School BA Fire OG

OLD SCHOOL FIRE OG SEEDS Old School Breeders Association Presents: Old School Fire OG A lightly reworked version of the original OG Kush X SFV OG cut. Adding a little more alert to the buzz while maintaining the relaxing and strongly euphoric qualities. Effects that have helped lead this typically clone-only strain to cannabis stardom. You’ll love the vigorous growth and potential for great yields exhibited in a crop of… Read More »

Spotlight On: Power Punch Female Seeds

power punch bud

POWER PUNCH FEMALE SEEDS Our Power Punch female seeds (purple punch X blue power) by Mr A produce a deliciously sweet flavor and aroma that results in a deep yet very balanced high. A potent day time smoke, with 20 to 22.5% THC, that provides deep relaxation and a happy euphoria with long lasting effects. Power Punch buds are mostly indica in appearance and effects and she grows stout and… Read More »

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