Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains

Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains Choosing a Strain for Vertical Set Ups Vertical growing cannabis strains is not a new technique although it is now more popular than ever. For vertical growing cannabis strains to work well, ie big harvests making very efficient use of space, plants need to finish tight and compact.  Trying to grow a strain that likes to be tall in a limited amount of vertical height can… Read More »

Kush Strain Genetics

purple death bubba kush feminized seeds

Kush Strain Genetics What Makes a Kush Strain a Kush Strain? What are Kush strain genetics, the term gets thrown around a lot. The number of new strains with the term “kush” in their moniker is near overwhelming. Yet, historic cannabis taxonomy basically breaks cannabis plants into two main categories, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  It is worth noting that other variants have been acknowledged and recorded, with the most… Read More »

Growing Indoor Strains Outdoors

Growing Indoor Strains Outdoors Will my indoor cannabis strains grow OK outside? Growing indoor strains outdoors is something we get asked about.  Believe it or not, there can be important differences that will affect what makes one cannabis strain great indoors versus what makes another strain great outdoors. The cannabis seed genetics can cross over and work well in both types of grows too, but that’s not always the case.… Read More »

Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains

rockwool growing cannabis seed strains

Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains Cultivating Top Shelf Buds in Rockwool Explained Rockwool growing cannabis seed strains is easy, clean and productive. Professional growers of flowers, veggies and all types of plants like rockwool because it is very clean, light weight, sterile and allows for the management of air to water ratios at the roots to maximize results.  Rockwool is also great because you only need a very small amount… Read More »

Patio Growing Cannabis

patio growing cannabis plants

Patio Growing Cannabis Growing Your Own Buds on Your Balcony or Deck   You CAN harvest top shelf buds patio growing cannabis–and for not a lot of money. As longs as your patio receives a minimum of 5 hours of direct strong sunlight per day for the majority of the growing season, there are lots of advantages to growing your own on a patio versus in the open. Patio growing… Read More »

Pheno Hunting Cannabis Seed Genetics

Pheno Hunting from Cannabis Seed Genetics How To Hunt for Phenotypes from Cannabis Seeds Pheno hunting is about finding the perfect physical traits in a cannabis plant for your needs from a pack of regular cannabis seeds. Plants from feminized seeds tend to have identical or near identical physical characteristics.  With regular seeds, besides looking for male vs female plants, growers may see variation from plant to plant.  These physical… Read More »

MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush

death bubba kush potent bud

MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush Death Bubba Kush, Don’t Let the Name Scare You MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush is just the ticket for the potent kush lover. The name isn’t to do with anything dark–this bud is just so potent that even experienced tokers with high THC tolerances can’t help but to nod off, dead to the world, after a few good rips of this very tasty… Read More »

TOM Pink Kush by Monster Breeders

tom ford pink kush

TOM Pink Kush by Monster Breeders Association (Tom Ford Pink Kush X Vanilla Frosting) TOM Pink Kush, a stellar Monster Breeders creation made by combining the elusive Tom Ford Pink Kush cut with Vanilla Frosting, a carefully selected compact super potent and dense indica strain.   To back track, Tom Ford Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid from BC that is well known in small circles as being one… Read More »

Brewing Compost Tea for Cannabis

Cannabis Compost Tea Ingredients

Brewing compost tea for cannabis is a great way to feed or supplement your crop of buds for healthier plants and better harvests. If you are unfamiliar with brewing compost tea, in a nut shell, you are taking organic materials that have nutrients like kelp meal, worm castings, alfalfa meal, unsulphated molasses, etc. Then putting them in dechlorinated water via a homemade “tea bag” while adding oxygen to unlock the… Read More »

Hemp Crops VS CBD Crops

hemp crops vs cbd

What is the difference North America is bustling with Hemp crops this growing season. There is talk of more and more planting in the seasons to come. The majority of more recent Hemp croppings are for the production and harvesting of CBD. CBD is a highly sought after medicinal compound found in Cannabis. Historically, Hemp has been cultivated in North America for Food and Fiber. Hemp stalks for rope or… Read More »

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