Best ScrOG Cannabis Strains

Best ScrOG Cannabis Strains Seed Genetics for Screen of Green Growing Methods What are some of the best ScrOG cannabis strains? Growing your buds using Screen Of Green methods can produce very high yields of all top buds while using low plant counts.  ScrOG growing literally uses a screen, typically trellis type netting in a rigid frame that is supported above the cannabis crop.  As cannabis plants develop, the growing… Read More »

Best Cannabis Grow Tips

Best Cannabis Grow Tips …In No Particular Order, Stuff You SHOULD Know When You Grow! What are the BEST cannabis grow tips we can share, given that we work and speak with some of the best cannabis breeders in the world here at OldSchoolBA? Allright. You asked for it, you got it…in no particular order of significance here’s a first installment on listing some of the very best grow tips… Read More »

Cannabis Seed Storage

Cannabis Seed Storage How to Maintain & Preserve Cannabis Seed Genetics Proper cannabis seed storage helps maintain germination rates and cannabis seed viability. Improperly stored seeds will have lower germination rate percentages and can eventually render cannabis seeds as non-viable for germination. OldschoolBA guarantees 100% satisfaction for cannabis seed germination rates for 6 months from when our seeds are shipped.  This is not to say that they won’t have excellent… Read More »

Tent Growing Cannabis

tent growing cannabis

Tent Growing Cannabis Big Yields, Small Grow Space Tent growing cannabis can produce great yields and makes it easy to grow at home. Grow tents have been around for decades now and continue to grow in popularity as more people are realizing the benefits of growing out their favorite cannabis genetics.  When you grow your own tent growing cannabis you know exactly how your smoke has been grown and treated. … Read More »

Drying Harvested Buds

drying harvested buds

Drying Harvested Buds Proper Drying & Handling for Top Shelf Quality Drying harvested buds to perfection means they will taste and burn smoothly for maximum enjoyment.  If buds aren’t dried properly they smoke harsh and lack flavor and aroma. Moldy buds can be harmful to your health and are the result of poor drying practices and improper storage. Drying harvested buds carefully is worth the extra time and effort–consider how… Read More »

Organic Cannabis Growing

organic cannabis growing

Organic Cannabis Growing How To Grow Strains Organically Organic cannabis growing can be especially rewarding when you have great cannabis seed genetics to start with.  Organic growing methods, fertilizers and soils give your cannabis strains all the building blocks they need to help unlock the very best qualities and build strong plants. Many growers notice more pronounced colors, flavors and aromas when they grow their harvest of sticky nugs with… Read More »

Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains

Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains Choosing a Strain for Vertical Set Ups Vertical growing cannabis strains is not a new technique although it is now more popular than ever. For vertical growing cannabis strains to work well, ie big harvests making very efficient use of space, plants need to finish tight and compact.  Trying to grow a strain that likes to be tall in a limited amount of vertical height can… Read More »

Kush Strain Genetics

purple death bubba kush feminized seeds

Kush Strain Genetics What Makes a Kush Strain a Kush Strain? What are Kush strain genetics, the term gets thrown around a lot. The number of new strains with the term “kush” in their moniker is near overwhelming. Yet, historic cannabis taxonomy basically breaks cannabis plants into two main categories, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  It is worth noting that other variants have been acknowledged and recorded, with the most… Read More »

Growing Indoor Strains Outdoors

Growing Indoor Strains Outdoors Will my indoor cannabis strains grow OK outside? Growing indoor strains outdoors is something we get asked about.  Believe it or not, there can be important differences that will affect what makes one cannabis strain great indoors versus what makes another strain great outdoors. The cannabis seed genetics can cross over and work well in both types of grows too, but that’s not always the case.… Read More »

Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains

rockwool growing cannabis seed strains

Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains Cultivating Top Shelf Buds in Rockwool Explained Rockwool growing cannabis seed strains is easy, clean and productive. Professional growers of flowers, veggies and all types of plants like rockwool because it is very clean, light weight, sterile and allows for the management of air to water ratios at the roots to maximize results.  Rockwool is also great because you only need a very small amount… Read More »

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