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cannabis genetics

Sativa VERSUS Indica, What’s the Difference?

When selecting a strain or cannabis genetics to grow from seeds, whether regular or feminized, one of the biggest and main points of difference you may find between one variety or another is the classification of Indica versus Sativa. The fact that most cannabis strain varieties are a hybrid (combined combination) of the two classifications can make the matter confusing, especially if you are newer to growing or using cannabis recreationally or for therapeutic purposes. Sativa Versus Indica, Effects When smoking, eating or vaping cannabis the effects can vary from one strain to another. Besides strength or potency levels ie… Read More »

Regular Cannabis Seeds VS Feminized Seeds

regular cannabis seeds versus feminized seeds

Regular cannabis seeds VS feminized seeds, what re the differences besides sex? Regular cannabis seeds are produced by crossing true female plants (XX) with true male plants (XY). Feminized cannabis seeds are produced by inducing pollen in otherwise female plants (XX) and crossing them to true female (XX) plants to produce seed. In feminized seed production no “XY” (male) genes are involved in the equation, so all the seed offspring turn out 100% female. This is an oversimplified explanation for regular cannabis seeds vs feminized seeds, as it only explains the “sex” part of how they are different. The most… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics CBD Strains Seeds

rmg cbd feminized

Reeferman Genetics CBD strains seeds are available via Old School Breeders Association in both regular and feminized selections. Reeferman Genetics feminized CBD WEB strains will all produce 0.5 to 1.0% THC and produce 13 to 17+% CBD when grown under good conditions to full bud maturity. This is an ideal ratio for people who desire strong CBD levels with very little THC, ie no intoxicating effects with full medicinal effects, whether for smoking or creating edibles or extracts. If selecting regular Reeferman Genetics CBD strains seeds, the grower may expect some variation in CBD to THC ratios in all of… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics Harmony Strain Seeds

reeferman genetics harmony strain seeds

Reeferman Genetics Harmony strain seeds are available from Old school Breeders Association as regular or feminized. Harmony is an award winning cup cut strain, and is an achievement in cannabis breeding because buds have a great balance of Sativa to Indica in the buzz with the bag appeal of a solid Indica nug that grows on plants that are vigorous like a Sativa. When grown from regular seeds, you can expect some variation, so selecting a phenotype to call your own Harmony helps you personalize the strain while still selecting from all the great qualities in the buzz, bud and… Read More »

FAQs Germinating Cannabis Seeds

FAQs Germinating Cannabis Seeds Germinating cannabis seeds to start your next crop of cannabis is easy, fun and rewarding. When you start cannabis plants from seed, there is no cross over of issues like insects or crop diseases from previous crops, as with cuttings. Plants grown from seed will grow more vigorous and offer higher yield potential versus cannabis plants from cuttings as a result. FAQ Germinating Cannabis Seeds #1 How long will it take for my seeds to germinate? Germination times can vary, seeds may sprout in as little as 24 hours and can take as long as two… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush Feminized Seeds


Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush is a Cup Winning strain, and is available as feminized seeds via Old School Seed Breeders Association. Any grower or toker will instantly fall in love with this selection when seeking high potency and creamy resin content in a rock solid kush strain. Very rich in vanilla to earthy scented terpenes. Pink Kush easy to grow and propagate from our feminized seeds and is very stable–this one has been well kept and is a building block in many of today’s more popular and noteworthy strains. Bud finish very round and solid with good yield potential. Vegs… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics UBC Chemo Strain Feminized


The original UBC Chemo strain is a legendary clone only strain reportedly developed at University Research level for help in treating the side effects associated with Chemotherapy. This is an updated version, made available as feminized seeds using the original UBC Chemo Cut. When grown from female seeds the bud density and overall potency have been improved versus the original. All that ultra-dank unique aroma and flavour is there in Reeferman Genetics UBC Chemo Strain along with the super deep and physically relaxing buzz. Stimulates rest and appetite while relaxing muscles and eyes. A very medicinal strain and great for… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics Love Potion

Reeferman Genetics Love Potion is a High Times Cannabis Cup Winning Strain. Old School Breeders Association offers high quality feminized seeds of this award winning cup cut strain–pictured here grown in DWC hydroponics. Buds can grow huge and very robust. The aroma and flavour are pine with a hint of caraway; one of the highest terpene content strains we offer. The buzz is warm, and a good relaxed balance of physical to cerebral–everyone just LOVES this one! #reefermangenetics #oldschoolstrains #lovepotion

Northern Vigor, Getting Bigger Bud Yields & Healthier Cannabis Plants

Heavy Buds South from Cannabis Genetics North Cannabis Strain Northern Vigor, Getting Bigger Yields & Healthier Plants South of Original Cannabis Genetics  By L.X. Luthor Northern vigor is a phenomenon that occurs in a variety of crop types including potatoes, strawberries and garlic.  It has been observed and documented that some varieties of propagated plants produce seeds, tubers, cuttings, etc of superior quality for transplant and ultimately better harvests in Southern regions when the original material, ie seeds for an example, have been produced at more Northern latitudes, like Canada. In these situations, identical genetics developed and produced at Northern… Read More »

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