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CBD seeds

Spotlight On: Harlequin CBD Seeds


HARLEQUIN CBD SEEDS This is our first high-CBD offering, and it is suitable for outdoor and indoor growing. It is a cross of mostly sativa strains, but the plant structure can range from small to medium indoors and the branching and node length are more like an indica. Given enough growing medium and time, they can get very tall. he ancestry includes Harlequin, Strawberry Cough, and Sour Skunk, crossed in… Read More »

Spotlight On: Black Willy CBD Seeds

Black Willie CBD

BLACK WILLY CBD SEEDS BLACK WILLIE HIGH CBD FIRST PLACE, HIGH CBD STRAINS, HIGH TIMES WORLD CUP High Times Jamaican Cannabis Uncovered – Our REGULAR Willie Nelson won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005 for Best Sativa, this one won 1st Place for High CBD in 2015—through careful selection and strengthening of high CBD variants in what is typically a high THC with low CBD strain. Willie Nelson is… Read More »

Essential Tips For Growing Marijuana From Feminized Seeds

feminized seed growing tips bud

When you want to grow marijuana from feminized seeds, a lot of seed options are available at our disposal. You can buy purple death bubba feminized seeds or buy roadkill skunk seeds in Canada. You can also buy early bubba kush feminized seeds. But regardless of the seed that you buy, there are certain essential tips for growing marijuana that every user should know. Some of these tips are highlighted… Read More »

Development and Standardization of Rapid and Efficient Seed Germination Protocol for Cannabis sativa

Old School BA bio-protocol-logo

  Development and Standardization of Rapid and Efficient Seed Germination Protocol for Cannabis sativa Cannabis seed germination is an important process for growers and researchers alike. Many biotechnological applications require a reliable sterile method for seed germination. This protocol outlines a seed germination procedure for Cannabis sativa using a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution as liquid germination media. In this protocol, all three steps including seed sterilization, germination, and seedlings development… Read More »

Hemp Crops VS CBD Crops


What is the difference North America is bustling with Hemp crops this growing season. There is talk of more and more planting in the seasons to come. The majority of more recent Hemp croppings are for the production and harvesting of CBD. CBD is a highly sought after medicinal compound found in Cannabis. Historically, Hemp has been cultivated in North America for Food and Fiber. Hemp stalks for rope or… Read More »

CBD use and information

Cannabis Use The use of cannabis for medical use has long been a bone of contention for many medical professionals and patients. However, according to Canadian law the use of cannabidiol derived from cannabis is now legal under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Patients have found that the legal use of cannabis is not only safe, but has also helped them manage a number of medical issues.… Read More »

RMG CBD Strain Feminized Seeds


RMG CBD strain feminized seeds pheno growing in late flower CBD Resin Looking for excellent production and high yields of CBD resin? Look no further than RMG CBD strain feminized seeds. Independent Lab testing has demonstrated, repeatedly, CBD strain feminized seeds yielding upwards of 17% CBD with extremely low THC levels. RMG CBD phenotypes are available as guaranteed stable and 100% female feminized cannabis seeds. Phone or email for details.… Read More »

Reeferman Genetics CBD Strains Seeds


Reeferman Genetics CBD strains seeds are available via Old School Breeders Association in both regular and feminized selections. Reeferman Genetics feminized CBD WEB strains will all produce 0.5 to 1.0% THC and produce 13 to 17+% CBD when grown under good conditions to full bud maturity. This is an ideal ratio for people who desire strong CBD levels with very little THC. There is no intoxicating effects with full medicinal… Read More »

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