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Spotlight On: AFPAK: AFghani Pakistan Hash Plant X Skunk Seeds


AFPAC: AFGHANI PAKISTAN HASH PLANT X SKUNK The Afpac is a very “hash plant” like strain, but with more vigor in the genes, and finishes as a relatively bushy plant with dense foliage that is carpeted with resin crystals from the tips of the leaves all the way onto the buds. By crossing it with the Skunk, the buds have more calyx to them and have more space between the… Read More »

Spotlight On: Introductory Pack Seeds


INTRODUCTORY PACK SEEDS New to OBA? Check out our $25 Introductory Pack! Our introductory pack is a selection of bulk seeds. Each pack includes 10 regular seeds of mixed strains. INDOORS PREFERRED Yield: Moderate to Good

Rules of Thumb for You

Old School BA veg inspect plants frequently

Growing Tips Yield of Cannabis plants is dependent first on the health of the cannabis plant. Second, the yield depends on the size. As the health is the most crucial factor for yield quantity and product quality. The health of the plant combined with size of the plant and root mass will help determine individual plant yield and quality.  Watering This is because in theory. The growing plant is using… Read More »

Chapter 14 – Harvesting, Drying & Curing

Old School BA Harvesting Drying and Curing Killa Vanilla Perfection

Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 14 – Grow Top Shelf Buds The next steps in the growing process are very important . They should be followed carefully and patiently to bring out the best quality in the harvest. You have spent a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to this point. Do NOT blow it now by rushing things and winding up with dried buds that aren’t what they could have… Read More »

Chapter 13 – SOPS: Flowering & Budding

Old School BA Healthy Cannabis Bud

Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 13 – Grow Top Shelf Buds Once plants have reached a good stature, have lots of healthy roots and show no signs of stress or deficiencies they may be ready to “flip” into bud. Auto flowering cannabis genetics will begin to flower all on their own, even under continuous lighting. However, the vast majority of cannabis strains are short day plants, meaning they need twelve hours of… Read More »

Chapter 12 – SOPs: Mother Plants

Old School BA Mother Plants

Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 12 – Grow Top Shelf Buds All plants start off from seeds. Cannabis plants started from high quality seed have several advantages over clones. Firstly, they are free of problems like nutrient disorders, pests, and foliar diseases. Secondly, they have a tap root, clones do not. Clones only grow fibrous root systems. Clones However, clones have the advantage of all being identical, so plants will all finish… Read More »

Chapter 11 – Propagation, PreVeg & Veg

Old School BA veg killa vanilla fem seed

Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 11 – Grow Top Shelf Buds This is where your big yield of high quality buds begins. Do not underestimate the difference a strong early start can have for the final outcome of your growing efforts, even if the harvest may seem very far away from your start date. At this point, you have everything built following the suggestions in this guide and are able to maintain… Read More »

Chapter 10 – Cannabis Strain Selection


Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 10 Grow Top Shelf Buds Your harvest can only be as good as your cannabis genetics. Having a great growing environment, top end LED lighting and a proven nutrient program only serve to bring out what’s in the cannabis genetics you select. This is the genotype versus the phenotype or “pheno”. Genotype VS Phenotype The genotype of a plant refers to the actual DNA or genetic composition… Read More »

Chapter 9 – Pest Control


Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 9 Grow Top Shelf Buds Avoidance is the best cure–we really mean it too. Starting from seeds means that your crop has a fresh, clean start–no pests or diseases originate from quality cannabis seeds. Problems Do Occur Grow a plant or a garden for long enough and it’s likely you’ll wind up with some sort of growing issue. The severity level can range from minor hassle to… Read More »

Chapter 8 – Water Management


Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 8 – Grow Top Shelf Buds Chapter 8 of our 14 part weekly series will talk about proper water management. Follow step by step to grow top shelf harvests like a pro. The information and instructions are highly scalable. These proven and well developed methods and technologies will work for anyone. Whether you want to grow some personal crops of buds at home or if you intend… Read More »

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