Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains

rockwool growing cannabis seed strains

Rockwool Growing Cannabis Seed Strains Cultivating Top Shelf Buds in Rockwool Explained Rockwool growing cannabis seed strains is easy, clean and productive. Professional growers of flowers, veggies and all types of plants like rockwool because it is very clean, light weight, sterile and allows for the management of air to water ratios at the roots to maximize results.  Rockwool is also great because you only need a very small amount… Read More »

Patio Growing Cannabis

patio growing cannabis plants

Patio Growing Cannabis Growing Your Own Buds on Your Balcony or Deck   You CAN harvest top shelf buds patio growing cannabis–and for not a lot of money. As longs as your patio receives a minimum of 5 hours of direct strong sunlight per day for the majority of the growing season, there are lots of advantages to growing your own on a patio versus in the open. Patio growing… Read More »

Brewing Compost Tea for Cannabis

Cannabis Compost Tea Ingredients

Brewing compost tea for cannabis is a great way to feed or supplement your crop of buds for healthier plants and better harvests. If you are unfamiliar with brewing compost tea, in a nut shell, you are taking organic materials that have nutrients like kelp meal, worm castings, alfalfa meal, unsulphated molasses, etc. Then putting them in dechlorinated water via a homemade “tea bag” while adding oxygen to unlock the… Read More »

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