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feminized seeds

Spotlight On: G13 Female Cannabis Seeds

G13 Female Cannabis Seeds

G13 FEMALE CANNABIS SEEDS Reeferman Genetics G13 female cannabis seeds from Old School BA produce a very Indica plants that have noteworthy potency. This is particularly when it comes to pain relief. Reportedly Government bred for helping relieve discomfort symptoms from chemo-therapy treatments. The “G-13” cutting is rumored to have been liberated from Greenhouse Number Thirteen at a government research facility. While the original genetics are somewhat shrouded in mystery.… Read More »

Spotlight On: Black Tuna Seeds


BLACK TUNA SEEDS The Black Tuna phenotype selected for feminization is from the original, and now famous, Harijuana X Jamaican Lambsbread F1 cross and subsequent selection. An epic balance of Indica to Sativa genetics with the appearance and effects leaning more towards the Indica bandwidths. The Black Tuna strain was reportedly developed by a medical cannabis growers group in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Crossing Herojuana, a very strong flavored cannabis… Read More »

Spotlight On: Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, Feminized Seeds


REEFERMAN GENETICS PINK KUSH, FEMINIZED SEEDS Experience near instant relaxation after a few tokes of Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, an Indica dominant strain of epic physical potency. Beautiful vanilla to floral overtones with earthiness characterize the bouquet. A very potent Kush strain, amongst the strongest. Very dense buds. LOTS of resin production on all parts of plant. Likes to grow tall for an Indica Dominant Strain. An Award Winning Cup… Read More »

Spotlight On: Zen Hash Plant X Harmony Feminized Seeds


ZEN HASH PLANT X HARMONY FEMINIZED SEEDS Guaranteed 100% Female & Stable Cannabis Seeds. The Zen HP is a lemon hash plant that produces well under a variety of growing conditions. Very potent, and a high yielder with a hint of Santa Marta Gold Sativa genetics in an otherwise very Indica Plant. Harmony is a very “OG” Kush bud, growing very compact and hard nuggets that get frosted with a… Read More »

Spotlight On: Royal Purple Rockstar Kush Female Seeds

Royal purple rockstar kush

ROYAL PURPLE ROCKSTAR KUSH FEMALE SEEDS Our Royal Purple Rockstar Kush strain from Old School Breeders Association takes the original Rockstar award winning cup cut to new heights. These buds really stood out in our strain testing rooms.  The smell is incredibly pungent and nice with creamy chocolate, hash and coffee notes. It still maintains the  more subtle floral, fuel and citrus notes of the award winning Rockstar Kush strain. … Read More »

Spotlight On: Purple Death Bubba Kush Seeds

The Early Purple Kush Seeds

PURPLE DEATH BUBBA KUSH SEEDS Purple Death Bubba Kush strain, feminized seeds. Beautiful phenotype, originally bred and selected for in BC Canada by Sea to Sky Genetics.  A very popular strain with those in the know, for both tokers and growers alike. Purple Death Bubba Kush produces extremely potent rock hard compact buds. They finish dark purple to black become thoroughly encrusted with tall resin capped trichomes on all parts… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Black Cherry Gelato 2.0 Seeds

Old School BA black cherry gelato

MBA BLACK CHERRY GELATO 2.0 SEEDS MBA Black Cherry Gelato 2.0 is a compact and fast finishing hybrid strain with sour cherry and earthy to gas notes. Very potent and buds are larger while retaining good density. Easy to manage and yields well. Resists problems better than most. For the best yield potential it is recommended to veg plants to a larger stature. She doesn’t stretch out too much after… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Space Sativa Female Seeds

RMG Space Sativa

  RMG SPACE SATIVA FEMALE SEEDS A modern sativa strain for modern cannabis connoisseurs developed from the renowned Space Needle strain lineage. These chunky and frosty flowers grow very compact and potent buds. They drip with spicy and lemon notes accompanied by a gentle hint of creamy berries. These 100% guaranteed stable and female cannabis strain seeds are over 90% Sativa in the effects, which come on fast with lots… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Death Bubba Kush Seeds

Old School BA mba death bubba kush

  MBA DEATH BUBBA KUSH SEEDS MBA Death Bubba Is a multi-hybrid indica dominant Kush strain. It has strong physical potency with lots of earthy, musky sweet scented resin in a classic Kush bud. The original Death Bubba is a cross of Death Star X Bubba Kush. Our Monster Breeders Association version produces chunkier growth between nodes and adds a hint of sweetness to the bouquet. Still retaining very strong… Read More »

Spotlight On: Oldschool Nukem Seeds

Old School BA oldschool-nukem

  OLDSCHOOL NUKEM SEEDS OldSchool Nukem is a high potency sativa dominant strain available as feminized seeds. Sometimes known as Duke Nukem. The OldSchool version grows a little stouter with an earlier finishing time. Same look and nose as Duke Nukem. OldSchool Nukem has a few enticing skunky notes added to the bouquet. Nukem grown from feminized seed yields very well, and flowering time is usually around 8 to 10… Read More »

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