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feminized seeds

Growing Hydroponic Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Growing Hydroponic Feminized Cannabis Seeds How To Grow Female Seeds in Hydro, FAQ. Growing hydroponic feminized seeds can produce amazing results for cannabis growers. Hydroponics growing methods can produce super fast growth rates, high yields and super clean potent buds. Cannabis thrives in hydroponics, where roots have more access to oxygen, water and nutrients round the clock versus conventional growing methods. A lot of bud farmers greatly reduce veg times… Read More »

Feminized Seed Growing Tips

feminized seed growing tips bud

Feminized Seed Growing Tips Female Cannabis Seed Cultivation Best Tips   Following these feminized seed growing tips will help you ensure that you get the best results possible from your feminized cannabis seed strains. There is an important difference between true female seeds and seeds self produced by hermaphrodite plants. Hermaphrodite plants are not true females; they are genetically predisposed to develop male flowers on parts of the mostly female… Read More »

Chapter 10 – Cannabis Strain Selection


Chapter 10 Growing Top Shelf Buds Your harvest can only be as good as your cannabis genetics. Having a great growing environment, top end LED lighting and a proven nutrient program only serve to bring out what’s in the cannabis genetics you select. This is the genotype versus the phenotype or “pheno”. Genotype VS Phenotype The genotype of a plant refers to the actual DNA or genetic composition of the… Read More »

Development and Standardization of Rapid and Efficient Seed Germination Protocol for Cannabis sativa

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  Development and Standardization of Rapid and Efficient Seed Germination Protocol for Cannabis sativa Cannabis seed germination is an important process for growers and researchers alike. Many biotechnological applications require a reliable sterile method for seed germination. This protocol outlines a seed germination procedure for Cannabis sativa using a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution as liquid germination media. In this protocol, all three steps including seed sterilization, germination, and seedlings development… Read More »

Cannabis Seed Storage


Cannabis Seed Storage How to Maintain & Preserve Cannabis Seed Genetics Proper cannabis seed storage helps maintain germination rates and cannabis seed viability. Improperly stored seeds will have lower germination rate percentages and can eventually render cannabis seeds as non-viable for germination. OldschoolBA guarantees 100% satisfaction for cannabis seed germination rates for 6 months from when our seeds are shipped.  This is not to say that they won’t have excellent… Read More »

Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains

Old School BA vertical-growing-cannabis-strains

Vertical Growing Cannabis Strains Choosing a Strain for Vertical Set Ups Vertical growing cannabis strains is not a new technique although it is now more popular than ever. For vertical growing cannabis strains to work well, ie big harvests making very efficient use of space, plants need to finish tight and compact.  Trying to grow a strain that likes to be tall in a limited amount of vertical height can… Read More »

Kush Strain Genetics

Old School BA purple-death-bubba-kush-feminized-seeds

Kush Strain Genetics What Makes a Kush Strain a Kush Strain? What are Kush strain genetics, the term gets thrown around a lot. The number of new strains with the term “kush” in their moniker is near overwhelming. Yet, historic cannabis taxonomy basically breaks cannabis plants into two main categories, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.  It is worth noting that other variants have been acknowledged and recorded, with the most… Read More »

MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush

Old School BA death-bubba-kush-potent-bud

MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush Death Bubba Kush, Don’t Let the Name Scare You MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush is just the ticket for the potent kush lover. The name isn’t to do with anything dark–this bud is just so potent that even experienced tokers with high THC tolerances can’t help but to nod off, dead to the world, after a few good rips of this very tasty… Read More »

TOM Pink Kush by Monster Breeders

Old School BA tom ford pink kush

TOM Pink Kush by Monster Breeders Association (Tom Ford Pink Kush X Vanilla Frosting) TOM Pink Kush, a stellar Monster Breeders creation made by combining the elusive Tom Ford Pink Kush cut with Vanilla Frosting, a carefully selected compact super potent and dense indica strain.   To back track, Tom Ford Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid from BC that is well known in small circles as being one… Read More »

Hemp Crops VS CBD Crops


What is the difference North America is bustling with Hemp crops this growing season. There is talk of more and more planting in the seasons to come. The majority of more recent Hemp croppings are for the production and harvesting of CBD. CBD is a highly sought after medicinal compound found in Cannabis. Historically, Hemp has been cultivated in North America for Food and Fiber. Hemp stalks for rope or… Read More »


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