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Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Mulabimey Madness x Nevils Haze 21

Mulabimey Madness x Nevils Haze 21

Mulabimey Madness x Nevils Haze 21 is a highly sought-after cannabis strain offered by This unique hybrid is the result of crossing Mulabimey Madness with Nevils Haze 21, resulting in a potent and flavorful strain that offers a truly exceptional experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The Mulabimey Madness parent strain brings its own set of characteristics to the table. Known for its uplifting and energizing effects, Mulabimey Madness is a… Read More »

Spotlight On: Tuna Kush X G13 Alpha Dawg Seeds


TUNA KUSH X G13 ALPHA DAWG SEEDS Growers looking for hard frosty buds delivered in tight growth patterns while minimizing foliage will fall in love with this F1 hybrid. Expect medium sized dominant colas with a few respectable sized satellite buds on plants that veg at a good pace and remain compact through the budding cycle. A fast finish can be expected with an average flowering time of 7 weeks… Read More »

Spotlight On: Original Haze Seeds


ORIGINAL HAZE SEEDS We are pleased to offer another truly Old School variety, Original Haze. This is the Haze strain that most real Haze and Haze crosses stem from. More cannabis cups have been won with variations and crosses made with this strain than any other available. We have bred this strain with open pollination of many males and females. Keeping it true to its roots and preserving its diverse… Read More »

Spotlight On: Master Kush X Train Wreck Seeds


MASTER KUSH X TRAIN WRECK SEEDS Kush Train Wreck, a deep, long lasting and very physical Kush buzz with the trademark lemon-pine flavor and aroma that Kush lovers recognize as the “real deal”. Medical growers will love the improved levels of production and hardiness they will see when growing out our special Master Kush strain. Look for tower like top buds, that fill out to a dense cola that is… Read More »

Spotlight On: Tropical Haze Seeds


TROPICAL HAZE SEEDS Tropical Haze produces a pleasing tropical smoke. 10 SEEDS / $60

Spotlight On: RMG CBD Feminized Seeds


RMG CBD FEMINIZED SEEDS RMG CBD strain, feminized seeds guarantee growers all female plants with very high CBD while maintaining very low THC levels.  If you want to grow your CBD crop from seed for maximum yields and vigor, feminized seeds are the only way to guarantee consistent CBD to THC levels as well as all female plants. The RMG CBD strain was carefully selected from a several year long… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG Mango Gold Seeds

Old School BA bc-mango-gold-sq-sm

RMG MANGO GOLD SEEDS RMG Mango Gold (Mango X Kodiak Gold) Mango Gold is an exceptional strain. Carefully selected from a large number of plants in this breeding project. BC Mango and Kodiak Gold are well known with elite growers in BC for their vigorous, heavy yields and crowd pleasing qualities. BC Mango is typically most popular with indoor growers. Kodiak Gold is a highly sought after strain with savvy… Read More »

Spotlight On: Rockstar Kush X Diesel Seeds


ROCKSTAR KUSH X DIESEL SEEDS REEFERMAN GENETICS™ ROCKSTAR KUSH X DIESEL Reeferman Genetics™ RockStar Kush X Diesel is a perfect hybrid between both sides of the Sativa and Indica spectrum from two Cup Winning high potency strains.  Hybrid vigour makes growing these beauties to high yield potential a snap—most plants of this potency level tend to be finickier growers and taking a long time to develop good stature and time… Read More »

Spotlight On: NYSD X Tuna Kush Seeds


NYSD X TUNA KUSH SEEDS This cross gives a more open canopy to the legendary Tuna Kush bud density without much sacrifice. Dried buds are firm and super potent, although notably larger looking with less foliage and more resin covered calyx. Expect great bag appeal and effects that will please even the savviest medicinal bud connoisseur. Yields are respectable given that little veg time is required to finish larger plants… Read More »

Spotlight On: OG Kush X Thai Seeds


OG KUSH X THAI SEEDS OG Kush needs little introduction and sets the modern standard for potency, bud structure, intense aroma and other benchmarks that the modern medicinal toker judges a bud on. When grown adeptly it can be very potent while offering respectable yields with lots of vegetative growth or where high plant counts per light are permissible. High THC Our Thai is the real deal, selected for a… Read More »

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