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Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Spotlight On: Bubba X Skunk Seeds


BUBBA X SKUNK SEEDS Our Bubba Kush X Skunk strain seeds originate from Bubba Kush. It is one of the best known “producers” in the kingdom of Kush. Great quality, sweet, pungent buds with a long lasting mind and body buzz. To give it more “legs” especially for Greenhouse or Outdoor production, THE Bubba Kush clone was crossed with Skunk. A reliable true-breeding strain that sets the standards for modern… Read More »

Spotlight On: Black Tuna Seeds


BLACK TUNA SEEDS The Black Tuna phenotype selected for feminization is from the original, and now famous, Harijuana X Jamaican Lambsbread F1 cross and subsequent selection. An epic balance of Indica to Sativa genetics with the appearance and effects leaning more towards the Indica bandwidths. The Black Tuna strain was reportedly developed by a medical cannabis growers group in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Crossing Herojuana, a very strong flavored cannabis… Read More »

Spotlight On: RMG HOA BAC (Vietnamese Silver Leaf) Seeds


RMG HOA BAC (VIETNAMESE SILVER LEAF) SEEDS Hoa Bac came to us as an exceptional South East Asian Sativa strain. It is an excellent choice for exotic tastes in cannabis in both areas of bouquet and effect.  RMG Hoa Bac has been selected for the ability to grow and produce well indoors under grow lights in controlled environments from the original Landrace seed stock. To further add to the credit… Read More »

Spotlight On: BC Gold Seeds


BC GOLD SEEDS An Afghani landrace and Columbian Gold combo. Most commonly produces very short, stout and sturdy plants with thick frame, exploding full of large and round nuggets. A nearly pure Indica that churns out very solid yields of heavily frosted flowers in a very short time. Often ready for harvest in only 7-8 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors. The “BC Gold” is a great… Read More »

Spotlight On: ACDC CBD Strain Seeds


ACDC CBD STRAIN SEEDS ACDC CBD strain seeds, available at Old School Breeders Association via Monster Breeders.  Well known for very high CBD levels. Up to 20% while maintaining very low THC levels, for example less than 1%.  Great medicinal quality smoke or extracts with no intoxicating effects.  Plants get thick fat buds with lots of resin and a nice forest to earthy aroma.  Most phenotypes mature in 8 to… Read More »

Spotlight On: Harmony Kush Feminized Seeds


HARMONY KUSH FEMINIZED SEEDS Harmony is a Reeferman Genetics Cannabis Cup Winning Strain. Old School Breeders Association feminized version of Reeferman Genetics Harmony is a very “OG” bud in terms of potency and pungency, growing on a very compact, hardy and fast finishing plant. Buds develop a strong earthy, fuel and hash like aroma and are covered in a thick matt of resin popping trichomes, including the the leaves. The… Read More »

Spotlight On: Big Bud X C99 Seeds


BIG BUD X C99 SEEDS A hybrid seed strain that is reliable producer of heavy yielding buds with good potency and great bag appeal. Always a crowd pleaser. Big Bud is around in a few forms. The more potent selection exhibits some Sativa like growth patterns until bud development begins in full. From there the female used in this selection fattens up big and round-very round. Football sized top colas… Read More »

Spotlight On: Pig OG X Train Wreck Seeds

Pig OG X Train Wreck

PIG OG X TRAIN WRECK SEEDS PIG OG X TRAIN WRECK Reeferman has refined several OG strains, making a 3-way with heavy production. Looking for bigger yields in your Kush crops? Here it is, a 3-way cross that produces the OG quality tokers have come to expect, but delivers bigger and heavier yielding buds that are less finicky to produce successfully. Seriously dank and potent fuely to chemmy smell with… Read More »

Spotlight On: Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, Feminized Seeds


REEFERMAN GENETICS PINK KUSH, FEMINIZED SEEDS Experience near instant relaxation after a few tokes of Reeferman Genetics Pink Kush, an Indica dominant strain of epic physical potency. Beautiful vanilla to floral overtones with earthiness characterize the bouquet. A very potent Kush strain, amongst the strongest. Very dense buds. LOTS of resin production on all parts of plant. Likes to grow tall for an Indica Dominant Strain. An Award Winning Cup… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA King Kong Seeds


MBA KING KONG SEEDS REEFERMAN GENETICS™ PRESENTS MONSTER BREEDERS ASSOCIATION KING KONG Monster Breeders King Kong produces excellent yields of strong medicine with great all-around effects.  The original King Kong was reportedly created by none other than Ed Rosenthal. He crossed his Super Bud with Chronic, since it has been a widely spread clone-only strain. MBA X RMG MBA has made this strain available in regular seed form by crossing it… Read More »

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