Reeferman Genetics – Chapter 1 – Grow Top Shelf Buds

A proven and easy to follow complete guide

This is chapter 1 of a 14 part weekly series with highly specific how-to guide. Follow step by step to grow top shelf harvests like a pro. The information and instructions are highly scalable. These proven and well developed methods and technologies will work for anyone. Whether you want to grow some personal crops of buds at home or if you intend to fill a warehouse.

Introduction to Grow Top Shelf Buds

Growing Top Shelf Buds - Cannabis grown indoorsThere are as many ways to grow cannabis as there are growers. However, there are some fundamental principles at work when growing cannabis indoors or in a controlled environment greenhouse. These foundational points can take years to identify, develop and prosper from. The purpose of this 13 part series is not to teach you everything there is to know about growing high quality buds to maturity. That is something you can enjoy learning for a lifetime.

At the professional level, this type of information is highly sought after and considered a part of a company’s perceived value. That is a grow facility’s SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures. Think of a franchise, it is the instructions and protocols (SOPs) that have the value for prospective franchisees looking to establish a new location. The idea being that anybody can be successful following a proven SOP with a level of diligence and attention to the details provided.

That is what Reeferman Genetics LTD, Old School Breeders Association and Monster Breeders aims to share with you here in this collaboration. A highly specific grow guide you can follow to grow potent, healthy, and clean buds consistently indoors or in a controlled environment greenhouse.

Why this methodology for growing top shelf buds?

Reduce your flowering time by close to 25%, using our methods, protocols, and equipment recommendations. You can consistently harvest mature crops of potent and terpene rich buds in as little as five weeks from initiating the bloom phase. Yes, you read that correctly, and we are dead serious about it.

Growing Top Shelf Buds Cleaner CropsCleaner crops: With our easy to follow and proven hydroponics methods, plants will have fewer potential problems with common crop pests like spider mites and plant pathogens like powdery mildew. Clean crops do not need constant spraying with remedies that can hurt harvest quality or even your health. There are also fewer recurring costs and disposal hassles using our hydroponic practices.

Scalable methodology: We have combined decades worth of professional cannabis growing methods and knowledge of the latest grow gear into a cropping method that provides replicable results. Whether you are just starting out with a single crop light system or intend to stack up our recommended system vertically on a large warehouse scale. It will work the same; there are no limitations on how you can apply what is taught through this guide.

Energy and water savings because efficiency counts: Our methods are geared to get you the most yield in a high quality harvest in the shortest amount of time. By using as little electricity and water to accomplish the objective. For reference, without using supplemental carbon dioxide we can harvest 450+ grams of high potency cannabis (22-27% THC) from a square meter every 5 weeks using 625 watts of LED grow lighting. There will be some variance here with strain selection, naturally, i.e., more yield is possible with longer cropping time (strain dependent) The figure is consistent with growing RMG Peaches N Cream Indica.

An Important Note Regarding Cultivation Efficiency vs. Yield

Growing Top Shelf Buds - Quality Budsa) How long that took, i.e., number of weeks.

b) How much space it requires (space costs money).

For example, your local friendly “master grower” claims 2lbs of high quality buds per 1000 watt HPS light. That is 0.9 grams per watt, slightly higher than our figure given above regarding RMG Peaches N Cream Indica. 600 watts LED in one square meter is 0.75 grams per watt.

Is 0.9 grams per watt better than 0.75 grams per watt?

NO, it is not. What the Master Grower failed to mention is that their strain takes 9 weeks to finish flowering. They required a five foot by five foot area per 1000 watt light to achieve their yield. That is 2.29 times more space required. 25 square feet vs. one square meter or 10.89 square feet and almost twice the flowering time (9 weeks versus 5 weeks).

Bottom Line

Given the same sized area available to work with, the “Master Grower” using traditional methods will harvest less than half the bud yield annually for roughly the same amount of electricity and work. They will likely have more hassles, given common issues like pests and pathogens which are more prevalent in traditional growing facilities.

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