FAQs Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds to start your next crop of cannabis is easy, fun and rewarding. When you start cannabis plants from seed, there is no cross over issues like insects or crop diseases from previous crops, as with cuttings. Plants grown from seed will grow more vigorous and offer higher yield potential versus cannabis plants from cuttings as a result.

How long will it take for my seeds to germinate?

Germination times can vary, seeds may sprout in as little as 24 hours and can take as long as two weeks. Also note that sometimes seeds will all sprout at the same time. Other times they can be several days apart from seed to seed. Germination times do not necessarily signify that one plant will be better than another. Be patient!

What’s the best way to start cannabis seeds?

Different growers use a wide variety of methods successfully. Cannabis seeds don’t require light to sprout, only warmth and moisture. Adding fertilizer can actually slow germination or harm seeds. No fertilizer is needed until plants develop their first true leaves, the ones that follow the seed leaves at emergence. Maintain a temperature of 70 to 80 deg F and keep moist but not saturated wet. Most importantly, DO NOT ALLOW THE SEEDS TO DRY OUT! EVER ONCE YOU HAVE STARTED THE GERMINATION PROCESS.

Can I tell the difference between male and female plants from the seeds?

No, there is not a reliable or known way to do this yet. If you buy high quality feminized seeds, all of the plants should be 100% female.

After my cannabis seeds sprout or emerge, what should I do next?

As soon as the root tip and shoot tip have emerged from the seed or are poking out of the soil or grow media, seedlings should be provided with a gentle source of full spectrum lighting and maintained at 67 to 78 deg F. Fluorescent lights are still a great choice for raising seedling until they are 6 to 9 inches tall. aVoid high humidity or crowding as this will cause seedlings to stretch or become soft and prone to problems.

How soon can I start taking cuttings for rooting as new plants or to place under 12/12 lighting to determine plant sex?

Usually within a month after germination there will be enough leaf and stem growth for you to start to be able to take cuttings. Typically, you don’t want to take more than 30% of the original plant away each time you remove material for cuttings as it stresses and even harms the parent plant.