Female Seeds Review

Some of Our Personal Favorites for Feminized Seeds


Naturally we get a lot of feedback from our customers–friends, family and Association members alike on our strains, so we thought we should offer a female seeds review featuring some of everybody’s favorite feminized seed strains.


Peaches & Cream Indica


Always ranks highly with our customer base when it comes to female seeds review. And we totally agree! Great vigor, squat plants, fast reliable finishes, lots of resin and a truly fantastic peach candy with hints of vanilla nose and smooth dank smoke. Does great indoors or out and resists common growing stresses with ease.




This one checks a lot of boxes—all the great traits of a Sativa for growth rates with buds that finish stout and tight like an Indica.  This strain provides exceptional yields and bud quality and is very easy to grow indoors under the lights. The buzz is potent and electrifying, eventually drifting into an even body to mind sensation. The aroma is citrus to herbal with hints of gas. This one also makes for exceptional extractions with very good yields from all parts of the plant, as even the larger bud leaves and stems bristle with bulbous resin glands.


Black Cherry Gelato 2.0


In our female seeds review, this one ranks very highly for it’s amazing aroma coupled with very strong potency.  The bouquet is distinctly sour cherries with hints of gassy hashish and just a slight note of vanilla; very beautiful!  Plants grow very compact and like to branch out into an efficient structure for growing out under lights naturally.  This one does great in rockwool or tiered systems where tight uniform growth is a must.  Plants are very hardy and show strong resistance to foliar diseases where others fail.


Purple Death Bubba


One of the most physically  potent smokes you are likely to encounter—and very delicious too! For straight knock down potency, this ranks amongst the very top of the list in our female seeds review.  Buds grow very compact and tight with a deep forest green to dark purple back drop–the resin content is so intense that when dried, the buds shine a silvery hue, reflecting light from all directions from a thick coating of resin. Excellent hash making material and great flowers to smoke when you need to unwind or experience strong physical relaxation.  Don’t plan to be very active and enjoy the long lasting deep penetrating physical buzz.

Space Sativa


This Reeferman Genetics creation is among the ultimate modern Sativa quality strains in a plant that grows very well indoors under lights yielding buds with modern bag appeal.  Not your grandaddy’s sativa; but we think grandpa–or any old school sativa lover would appreciate the uplifting and soaring buzz that can border on psychedelic! The buds are compact and firm for a Sativa, and are absolutely caked in a thick layer of bulbous capped trichomes.  Buds appear white to silvery–almost alien like because they are so resin ladden.  Very easy to grow, great yields and finishes in under nine weeks.  Can be grown outdoors at Northern Latitudes, finishing in mid-October.