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How To Order

Use the Online Shop to place your order online or call toll-free 1-855-425-3437 (International: 1-604-357-4793) to make an order via phone. Please e-mail us at with your questions and inquiries.

Finding what you want

You can either browse the shop or find the product you want directly by using “Search” at the top to search within each category. This will give you a flavour of all of the seeds and products that we offer.

You can view full details of any product you are interested in by pressing the image or View Details button, or the product image.

PURCHASE / Add to Cart

Once you have found the product you’d like to buy, simply click the Add To Cart button. You’ll notice your product(s) have been added to your Shopping Cart, usually in the top of the website.

Feel free to continue browsing the shop for more items. At any time, you can view your cart and/or proceed with checkout by clicking on the View Cart link via the Shopping Cart.

Placing your order / Checkout

To complete your order, click the View Cart link to visit the Shopping Cart page and proceed with the four-step order process.

If you have ordered from us before, login by entering your username and the password you provided when you first ordered.

Step 1 – Shopping Cart

Confirm the products and quantities you have ordered that appear on this screen.

Our standard shipping charges are also applied, based on the address you have indicated we should send the order to.

You can amend your order anytime by adjusting the quantity of any product in your cart and pressing the update icon. To remove a product, press the delete icon, next to the item on your cart page.

If you have a promotional or coupon code, you should enter it here and press the “Apply”button to apply the code to your Cart purchase.

Step 2 – Billing Information/Addresses

If you are a new customer, you’ll need to enter your billing information and address. Please complete any required fields accurately, as these are used to ship your order.

Click “Register and Checkout” to become a member with your order or choose “Checkout as Guest” to confirm the billing information you have entered.

Step 3 – Payment Methods

Next, select a payment method to proceed with your order:

  • Pay by Credit Card (USA only)
    Please enter your credit card details in the Payment Method area and press “SAVE” to confirm.
    A credit card processing fee of 5% the total is applied to all orders.
  • E-mail Bank Transfer (International Only)
    Confirm your order purchase, then pay via e-mail bank transfer with the instructions provided
    (CDN funds, may not be available at all financial institutions)
  • Cash Payment / International Money Orders
    Complete your online order to receive a printable order form. Simply print out the form or note your Order #, then mail it along with your cash/international money order for the total.(Please leave money orders blank or payable to “Cash”)  Send your order form with payment to:
    PO Box 21648
    Vancouver, BC
    Canada V5L 3X0

Orders are processed and shipped once full payment is received.
Please allow up to 5-15 days for delivery from the day we receive payment.

Please call toll-free 1-855-425-3437 (International: 1-604-357-4793) or e-mail for more ordering information

Step 4 – Shipping Method

Your shipping method and charges are now calculated for you based on your shipping address. Shipping charges may differ for international orders.

Step 5 – Confirmation

A summary of your final order, address information and payment method is displayed. If this is correct, press the Confirm Purchase button at the bottom of the cart page, to place and complete your order.

Thank you and enjoy your order!

You should now see a thank you page with your custom order #. Don’t forget to check your e-mail! You will also receive a confirmation e-mail for your order, along with the order details and updates as it is processed.


We have an absolutely NO REFUNDS policy! We do however have a 100% satisfaction and delivery guarantee. We also guarantee an 80% germination rate. If you the customer have any problems, questions, or concerns, call our toll free number 1-855-425-3437 (International: 1-604-357-4793). Even if at the end of the day, you are not happy. We will make it right!

We value our loyal customers. Contact us and for a small shipping and handling fee, we will send you back new seeds equal to the unsatisfactory seed or products.


All our prices are in USD. Orders from Canada will be accepted as Canadian dollars on par with current USD exchange rates.

New customers / SIGN IN / REGISTRATION

If you are a new customer, create an account here or via the “Login” drop-down. Here you will be asked to provide:

  • Your email address
  • A password
  • Your name
  • Telephone number (optional)
  • Company (optional)

Forgot your password? Request it via the link on the LOGIN dropdown.

Forgot password? Click here


Orders over $100 (shipping not included) will receive 10 free seeds of our choice.

Packaging & Shipping Terms

The majority of our seeds are sent in their original breeders packaging. They are then wrapped up or boxed in small cardboard boxes or DVD cases before being put in bubble wrap envelopes. This ensures that they arrive with you protected and in perfect condition. Occasionally seeds are sent in other packaging but we guarantee they are the seeds that you have chosen and are only sent in this way to ensure their protection.

All envelopes have only your address details, a stamp and the bar code label for tracking. We do not write what the contents are or put our company name on the envelope.

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