RMG CBD Strain Feminized Seeds

Looking for excellent production and high yields of CBD resin, then look no further than RMG CBD strain feminized seeds. Actual photo of RMG CBD strain feminized seeds pheno growing in late flower shown here. Independent Lab testing has demonstrated, repeatedly, CBD strain feminized seeds yielding upwards of 17% CBD with extremely low THC levels. RMG CBD phenotypes are available as guaranteed stable and 100% female feminized cannabis seeds. Phone or email for details. Commercial quantities are available.

Flowering time is from 7 to 8 weeks indoors, or ready for harvest outdoors mid to late September at Northern Latitudes. Buds finish with nice density and are covered with a silvery layer of resin capped trichomes. RMG CBD strain feminized seeds produce beautiful well branched growth patterns, helping keep plants sturdy under the weight of the buds that they develop so no additional support or staking may be required outdoors. Indoors or in the greenhouse, staking can be beneficial as there is less air movement and warmer temperatures so plants may not stiffen up to the degree that they tend to outdoors.

RMG CBD strains feminized seeds produce highly medicinal crops that are rich in terpenes like Delta3Carene.

Both growers and patients will love growing and treating themselves with dried flowers and products that result from RMG CBD strain feminized seeds. We have received a variety of testimonials from growers and end users alike, including things like “I wish my recreational strains would grow this well and look so good” and “a few minutes following smoking some of this CBD I felt the best I have in several years, I was able to go for a pain-free walk without feeling any anxiety from the effects”.

If you want to grow truly medicinal cannabis of the very highest quality, RMG CBD strain feminized seeds will fast become your preferred choice in premium cannabis genetics.


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