Black Willy Strain CBD & THC Cup Winner

Black Willie High CBD
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Our REGULAR Willie Nelson won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005 for Best Sativa, this one won 1st Place for High CBD in 2015—through careful selection and strengthening of high CBD variants in what is typically a high THC with low CBD strain. As far we know, Reeferman Genetics Black Willy is the only strain to have won a High Times Cannabis Cup for BOTH THC and CBD variants of the same strain.

Willie Nelson is a cross that involved Vietnamese Black; a very exotic and rare Sativa lineage. When Willie Nelson is crossed back to the Vietnamese Black all the desirable traits of the original cross are retained, however, with a higher more amplified sense of euphoria, a signature quality of the original Willie Nelson. Hence, Black Willy

To have High CBD only plants in the garden, you will need to select for the high CBD to low THC phenotypes, which will be at least 25% of the plants in most instances with varying CBD to THC ratios in the others—clone from the variety that best suits your requirements for future medicinal crops. If you have questions about how to select for CBD strains, please email or phone us–we are here to help.

While this strain can be classified as an “Exotic Sativa”, it’s easier to grow than most plants in this class and offers respectable yields in a reasonable amount of time. A plus with stretchy and longer flowering Sativas such as this, is that little if any, time is required for vegetative growth once plants are established. Lots of space for the limbs and roots are recommended for maximum results. Staking or trellising may be required to support dense colas at maturity on longer limbs.

When mature, towers of large resin coated calyxes protrude from the elongated buds with minimal foliage. Buds glow due to their thick resin carpeting.

While not an ideal candidate for Sea Of Green applications, Black Willy is highly adaptable to Screen Of Green (ScROG) /trellised applications.

Recommended for patients with glaucoma, migraines, depression or just feeling good with no slowing you down.

Growing Black Willie

Indoors preferred, Excellent in Greenhouse and Outdoors matures late in long warm growing seasons as a large plant.

Yield: Good to Excellent, depending on grow style; this one likes to get BIG.

Flowering Time: 11 to 14 weeks

Height Increase During Flowering: +150%

Appearance: Silvery to blue-grey due to clusters of resin coated calyxes with light tan hairs.

Aroma: Sweet n Sour, spicy, citrus-fills the room with an exotic perfume like aroma when smoked or vaporized; a connoisseur’s delight!

Effects: Dependent on phenotype selection in High CBD Black Willy Seed Selections

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