Monster Breeders Association

Monster Breeders Association Inc is a joint production, combining some of the world’s best (and biggest) medicinal marijuana cultivators, cannabis breeders and researchers under one umbrella.

While this may seem like a lofty to claim to those who aren’t familiar with Team Monster, read on and see if you might not agree that Monsters are in fact, real.

About 5 years ago, some of British Columbia Canada’s biggest underground marijuana growers came together with a single purpose: to design, build and operate a medical marijuana cultivation facility, the likes of which had not been seen previous. Historically, it didn’t make sense to put all of the collective eggs, so to speak, in one basket given the risk and nature of underground medicinal marijuana cultivation.

However, at the time of formation and for the several years following, The Federal Government of Canada’s Medicinal Marijuana Access Program provided them with Federal Authorization to produce cannabis as designated cultivators for patients in serious medicinal need. In fact, some of the members are patients themselves. Some of the diseases and symptoms being treated with the cannabis being grown include: HIV, cancer, spinal cord damage, epilepsy and severe arthritis.

Upon completion, the cultivation facility itself is arguably the largest in North America, and certainly one of the most productive. While for security and other reasons it may not be revealed exactly how many lights, plants etc are involved (although the scale is mind boggling), one of the things that continues to blow people away, besides the quality and diversity of the medicine they produce, is how productive their collective growing system is. Without exaggeration, on a commercial scale they have created production methods that yield multiple Kilos per thousand watts of HID lighting of high-grade medicinal cannabis.

The cropping cycle itself takes considerable time to produce these types of results with strict plant counts. However, the system is efficient and allows a continuous supply of medicine to be harvested regularly to meet the needs of the patients they help through cultivating a variety of strains. Through research and time, many of the variety of the strains they cultivate have become tailored to the specific needs of patients with differing ailments and symptoms.

The cannabis growing know how developed by the Monster Collective isn’t just limited to getting heavy yields of the highest quality canna-meds. Since it’s inception, the collective has attracted some of the World’s best known and successful cannabis breeders, including the likes of the legendary Nevil S & the one and only Black Tuna.

Professional seed breeders from Spain, California, Colorado and even Jamaica started to hear through the grape vine about what was coming together and wanted to get on board. For breeders, this has proven to be an exceptional opportunity to evaluate and further refine some of their favourite breeds of cannabis to improve things on both the production and patient end of the equation.

Some of the headliners involved in the Monster Breeders Association include: MedicinalMSS, Reeferman Genetics, Classic Breeders, and of course the legendary Nevil.

Besides cultivating and breeding, Monster has been conducting research on a global scale as to therapeutic and healing properties cannabis may hold. For example one of the members is currently involved in documenting the healing properties of cannabis juicing (raw plant sap) as practiced on the Island of Jamaica.

The work Monster has done in creating this think tank of medicinal marijuana cultivation and breeding will likely not end with The Federal Government of Canada’s forced changes to the Medical Marijuana Access Program, as it becomes privatized and awarded to corporate interests-removing cannabis cultivation from the hands of citizens, and even the patients themselves.

The Association is working hard to ensure that they will be able to continue to be able to help patients out and carry their work forward in breeding and cultivating the finest cannabis strains of the planet. Fingers crossed, they will be able to continue their work under the Federal Government of Canada’s amended program for the growth and distribution of medicinal cannabis to qualified patients in Canada

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