Ambrosia Kush


With God Bud and Burmese origins, Ambrosia Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid with almost 50:50 ratio for the strain and is characterized by strong potency and a spicy bouquet.

10 Regular Seeds5 Regular Seeds


Ambrosia Kush has very dense nuggets that resemble an OG, with tightly packed flowers packed with THC crystals. With God Bud and Burmese origins, Ambrosia is an evenly balanced hybrid with almost 50:50 ratio for the strain. Ambrosia produces large dense and sticky buds.  High THC levels with an uplifting, functional and active sativa high soon accompanied by a mellow body stone that provides significant pain relief without couch-lock.

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks




Dense flowers,


Spicy, frankincense


Energetic, uplifting sativa effects followed by mellow

Additional information


10 Regular Seeds, 5 Regular Seeds

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Got this tree in a while back finally started it matched it it up with hoa bac Rockstar nfm that put the Ambrosia on bricks to keep the tops even wasn’t a very good matchup I think it’ll be better match with pink Kush if you want to go to at the same time in the same room the flavor of one of the Ambrosia’s lean on the Citrus side with some Berry undertones where are unique so the people I tried it with their very impressed by their room alone Stoney wise pretty Stoney I like it worth growing more than once matter fact that’s the one I matching with the pink Kush that’s for the whole black Rockstar it’s got a totally different High to it I was hoping it’ll be stonier but did you Natick breeding of the high school he makes it better than the other ones I tried so far the highest really unique I am very impressed with the high as far as the taste goes I liked it sativa version better this is TV version put out better production than the indica but we’ll see what happens on the second round both extremes I recommend

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