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So sweet, so pungent and so very stoney. Just about any toker will appreciate Bubblegum, a renowned classic rumored to have originally been developed in Indiana and then re-worked to win scores of Cups overseas. It is a strain loved the world over, and not without many great reasons.

This Bubblegum selection is a very Indica strain with some Sativa in the mix that is relatively easy to grow and that yields well in a variety of gardens.

Bubblegum has some wonderful “bag appeal”, it smells just like super sweet pink bubblegum, and when grown right dried buds can be very “hard” and appear that they are dipped in crystal. This strain does very well in Sea Of Green applications, for example in rockwool cubes on flood or drip tables; an excellent hydroponic selection. With cooler conditions and good flushing, vibrant colorations like purples and reds are achievable as the plant approach maturity at harvest.

Buds are thick and compact, while the foliage is sufficiently sparse for an Indica type strain-make it a very advantageous plant for a variety of garden types.

The medicinal effects are warm and euphoric and tend to promote relaxation, although the effects can come on a little more “heady” initially, before lowering your comfortably and happily into your seat.

A great weed to combat anxiety or stimulate appetite and relaxation. Recreational tokers comment it’s one of the better buds for a Sunday afternoon spent snacking and relaxing in good company or with a movie.

Good to Very Good
Flowering Time
8 to 9 weeks, Outdoors October
Increase During Flowering: 50%
Chunky, light green very firm crystal coated buds
Pungent, sweet-like sweet pink bubblegum
Comes on as a happy leading to body relaxation, a sense of euphoria and well being with some appetite stimulation


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