Maple Kush


A great take on getting better yields from a medical Kush Crop-with less time in the veg cycle when growing larger



Maple Kush: Maple Leaf x Skunk

A great take on getting better yields from a medical Kush Crop-with less time in the veg cycle when growing larger, high-yielding individual plants or looking to get more out of your crop space on a per-stem basis.

At the same time re-working the Kush has added some new flavors to the buds; helping create a more distinguished harvest while retaining the trademark Kush intensity in the buzz, from head to toe.

Maple Leaf Indica is an old school Afghani indica that creates fast yielding stout and syrupy buds that can tough-it-out in a wide variety of growing conditions. When crossed to the Kush, it created better yields, while retaining a lot of the Kush characteristics many med growers and smokers are accustomed to looking for.

The Original Skunk is a vigor-packed powerhouse that gives the Maple Kush faster growth-helping growers from spending too long in veg and promotes a better ratio of calyx to leaf versus more typical Kush strains. The cross to Original Skunk also helps retain pungency in the bouquet while gearing Maple Kush to be more adaptable to a wider range of growing environments, including greenhouses.

Finding a good mother for future gardens should not pose a problem when germinating a pack of this stellar combination of gentics-you are likely to discover some very interesting and unique varieties in your search for the ultimate Kush. Expect chunky growth patterns with larger “Maple” leaf growth and plenty of resin glands.

Indoors preferred, Greenhouse

Good to Excellent
Flowering Time

8 to 9 Weeks

increase during flowering: 25-50%

Medium to dark green, very frosty with high ratio of calyx to leaf.

Pungent, earthy, citrus with a hint of sweetness

Good balance of physical to cerebral, comes on strong and becomes more physical. Good potential for pain relief.


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