Tangerine Mist Feminized Seeds


Tangerine Mist Guaranteed 100% Stable Female Cannabis Seeds, Potent and hard citrus scented buds with an uplifting and happy quality; very easy to grow for a plant with this level of potency.

$110(USD) -10 Feminized Seeds

$60(USD) – 5 Feminized Seeds

10 Feminized Seeds5 Feminized Seeds


Tangerine Mist (100% Female Seeds)

Strong citrus aroma and flavour in compact super tight lime green pine-cone shaped buds. One of the easiest and most rewarding strains we’ve ever had the pleasure of growing.  Everybody loves the potent happy, uplifting and “giggly” effects that will eventually taper off into a relaxed state without ever being too “sleepy”.  Great daytime smoke for those who have developed tolerances to higher THC levels.

The harvested buds are exceptionally tight and hard with very little leaf at all on the buds themselves, just sugar coated lime green nugs that glisten under the light.

These plants tend to yield very well under a wide range of growing conditions; not very finicky at all compared to most cannabis strains that can achieve this level of potency.  This strain will produce one very large cola if trained adeptly, although the natural tendency is to have a taller well branched appearance that does a great job of letting light and air into the canopy.  At first she can look a little leggy, with lots of open branches and few leaves.  However, once upward growth slows by mid flowering, the budding sites swell rapidly producing hard gold ball sized buds up the entire length of the branches.  The plants don’t tend to produce a lot of foliage and branch well, so not much time is required training or pruning although taller specimens will benefit from staking or trellising once they are under the weight of their own buds.

Great yields, quality AND a relatively fast finish in around seven to eight weeks.

We really can’t say enough about what a great all round strain this happens to be.  Guaranteed to be 100% female, stable and potent.

Genetic lineage includes: C-99 (Cinderella 99), Tuna Kush (Cup Winner), Atomic Northern Lights and Ambrosia Kush.


very good to excellent




very citrus, shake of spice; super nice

Flowering Time

7-8 weeks


very potent. uplifting, happy, slightly physical

Additional information


10 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds


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