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Monster Breeders Association

Monster Breeders Association Inc is a joint production, combining some of the world’s best (and biggest) medicinal marijuana cultivators, cannabis breeders and researchers under one umbrella.

While this may seem like a lofty claim to those who aren’t familiar with Team Monster, read on and see if you might not agree that Monsters are in fact, real.

The cannabis growing know how developed by the Monster Collective. Isn’t  limited to getting heavy yields. The focus is the highest quality cannabis known to man. Since inception, the collective has attracted some of the World’s best. All successful cannabis breeders in their own right. Such as the legendary Nevil shoemaker & the Rasta David Black Tuna.

Professional seed breeders from Australia California, Canada and even Jamaica. Started to hear about what was coming. They wanted to get on board. For breeders, this has proven an exceptional opportunity. To evaluate, refine and improve their breeds of cannabis. For both the production and medicinal end of the equation.

A few headliners involved in the Monster Breeders Association include: Ninja Mike, Justin Juices of properties’ and of course the legendary Nevil.

Besides cultivating and breeding, Monster has been conducting research on a global scale as to therapeutic and healing properties’ cannabis may hold. For example one of the members is currently involved in documenting the healing properties of cannabis juicing (raw plant sap) as practiced on the Island of Jamaica.

The work Monster has done in creating this think tank of medicinal marijuana cultivation and breeding will likely not end with The Federal Government of Canada’s forced changes to the Medical Marijuana Access Program, as it becomes privatized and awarded to corporate interests-removing cannabis cultivation from the hands of citizens, and even the patients themselves.

The Association is working hard to ensure that they will be able to continue to help patients and carry their work forward in breeding and cultivating of the finest cannabis strains on the planet.  Fingers crossed, they will be able to continue their work under the Federal Government of Canada’s amended program for the growth and distribution of medicinal cannabis to qualified patients in Canada.

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