Oral Arguments in Schedule I Hearing Today

Judge Kimberly Mueller

Judge Kimberly Mueller is about to decide whether the federal war on cannabis is constitutional.


After multiple scheduling delays, Judge Kimberly Mueller of the federal Eastern District of California will finally hear the last round of arguments in US v Schweder, the first federal criminal case to lead to extensive hearings on the constitutionality of cannabis’ Schedule I status. The hearing is scheduled for today at 2:30pm at the Robert T. Matsui Federal Courthouse at 500 I Street in Sacramento, California.

According to Heather Burke, an attorney for one of the defendants in the case, Judge Mueller may decide to announce her ruling on the hearing from the bench today or may instead stay mum today and release her decision later as a written opinion. No one knows which choice she may make, but in general Judge Mueller’s handling of this hearing has been permissive toward allowing more time for written argument.

Please note that the courtroom where Judge Mueller has held these hearings has limited seating for the public. Cameras and the use of cell phones or laptops in the courtroom are not allowed. Leaf editor Jeremy Daw will begin covering the trial after 3:30pm Pacific on his Twitter account @Weed_The_People.

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