El Copo, the Colombian Cannabis Cup

The El Copo Colombian Cannabis Cup

“The acceptance received from our inaugural year was much more than anticipated. It was an experiment with tremendous results. This second year, we would like to focus on growing this expanding industry that is just in its initial phase.”Omero, El Farmero

Omero el Farmero would like to welcome you. In April 16 and 17 of 2016, we witnessed a historic event in the Colombian Cannabis industry. We strive to continue to contribute with everything that we have: with passion, discipline, love, and knowledge so that the local atmosphere can keep growing and prospering and we would love for you to be a part of that. In 2016, we gathered 40 exhibitors and more than 2600 individuals during our one day trade show event on Sunday April 17, 2016.

May 28 & 29, 2017
+90 Stands | International Artists | Medicinal Forums | Activities | Food | Fair
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The most important international cannabis fair will return and open its doors so that we can all live unforgettable moments and continue writing our own history. After the first fair in 2016, we strive to make the next one in 2017 with an even more solid proposal and an even bigger and expanded market. We will live this experience in the same place where we grew the initial seeds of success, which is an outdoor and scenic location with more than 10,000 square meters that include private parking, security, tranquility, and the marvelous eucalyptus that illuminate El Copo.

This year, we will be offer a two-day event where will well open with trade show activities that include over 70 exhibitors. These will include top national and international brands in the industry. As Colombian law allows, we will have spaces available for cannabis-based products, which is the reason that we are offering an additional day for the 2017 version of the event (28th and 29th of May). We are anticipating more than 7000 visitors which will have the luxury of experiencing forums, workshops, enlightening activities, art, and music.

This upcoming year we will be open to allowing organizations and individuals to participate in the event as sponsors, collaborators, exhibitors, or contributors.

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