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 Welcome to our first edition of Aldine Divine. I am blogging publicly today on assignment from a higher power that being " WORD PRESS ". I chose aldine for the blog name. for i felt those were divinly inspired books that helped mankind be brought out of thr dark ages and into the spiritual light.  books and information once cuddled or understood by few. Now is open to the masses if you have a computer power and an internet connection. this certainly brings light to once there was only darkness. This brings me to my topic today: 

WHO AM I and Why AM I Here? besides the fact i am here to change the world (we will get back to that in future blogs)!  We will start with the WHO and the WHAT of the matter.  I am leopis with the sophies nocking on the mountain of enlightenment trying to get in. I am arc angel All standing before the pearly gates of heaven.  I am Mrs. Kat  the black  juaguar that guards that which is RESTRICTED from those unready but not least and especially not last. I am a man with a very beautifull gift given to me from GOD. My beautifull (she will always be my little girl) daughter. It is for her and all chidren that I intend to finish my destiny. PEACE & LOVE is the will that rules ALL.

 I will be writing about these miraculous plants sativa. indica. autoflower cannabis . I will be writing about enlightenmment and how you with ones own will with faith & guidance. can learn to give blessing with energy through water to your plants. asking them for  the exact  entourage effect you or your love one needs. along with modern #state-of-the-ART marijuana production and renewable farming tequniques. P.S. i suggest getting the cheech and chong movie collection it will get you through a bad day PEACE & LOVE

Keep the dream alive by living it!

All the best

Mr A

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