Cannabis Plant Growth Habits

How To Manage Marijuana Plant Growth

Cannabis plants tend to have some general growth habits they go through during the growing cycle, all the way from propagation through to harvest. Getting to understand what to expect, and when, can help you to better manage marijuana plant growth. Read on to learn more about cannabis plant growth habits.



As growers gain experience with a particular strain or variety of cannabis in their garden, they may begin to see the subtle differences and habits that each strain may have; sort of like plant personalities.

Most cannabis strains are hybrids, meaning they are a mixture of parental heritage and have some level of diversity in the genetic makeup of the plant. This plays a strong role in how the plant grows and what the final harvest qualities might be like.

In selecting strains for particular gardens or for final qualities there are two general types of marijuana plants, and we’ll describe them for you, relative to their more dominant characteristics—noting again that most strains people grow are hybrids between the two polar cannabis types. And naturally, you’ll always find exceptions.bubbarock c995


Sativa Dominant Strains, ie Black Willy, O Haze, Sour Diesel, Cambodian Purple Haze

Indoors, many growers using grow lights will germinate seeds under 12/12 lighting cycles. Outdoor grower at more equatorial latitudes may also grow these strains. Both of these management practices relate to the fact that Sativa dominant strains will produce quite a bit of stem growth as plants begin the flowering cycle. An established Sativa seedling less than one foot tall after the propagation and early veg stage may finish at heights over four or five feet if given adequate space and light intensity at maturity after the budding phase is complete.

Sativa buds take longer to mature, but most connoisseurs and cerebral loving medicinal users find them well worth the wait. Yields can be heavy with some varieties of Sativas; exceptionally so, with proper management. Buds tend to be larger, although not as dense as Indica dominant cannabis strains.


Indica Dominant Strains,ie Early Purple Kush, RockStar, Northern Lights, Hash Plant

Indoor growers have long favored Indica Dominant strains for their compact growth characteristics for efficiency under grow lights. Outdoor growers at more common or Northern latitudes appreciate the faster finishing times before first frosts arrive. Indica dominant strains have tighter spacing between budding sites and are often characterized by their shorter statures and more time required for vegetative growth under longer days or lighting regimens. Indicas will finish flowering faster and are quicker to start doing so with shortening day lengths versus vegetative growth. They tend to be hardier to grow and are usually adorned with very wide looking fan leaf blades, like a maple leaf.


Indica buds can be extremely dense, compact and resinous. Typically even the smaller leaves on the bud are bristling with long trichomes and swollen resin glands; perfect for hash making, traditionally.