Growing CBD Seeds

Growing CBD Seeds

Growing CBD Seeds gives growers and gardeners medicinal cannabis plants that can serve a variety of therapeutic purposes. However, how effective therapeutic treatments might be from growing CBD seeds cannabis strains will have a lot to do with the individual plants themselves, besides the pack of seeds they came from.

In the context of growing plants of any type, you should be aware of two important terms, and those are Phenotype and Genotype.

The Phenotype refers to the actual physical traits of the plants that you will see, basically how the genetics of the plant are expressed as a result of the physical environment, ie cropping practices and climate influence how the plants turn out.

The Genotype refers to the actual genes that the plant carries, for example when growing CBD seeds, the plants have a tendency to turn mature as Low THC, High CBD cannabis—it’s imprinted in the genetic make up but will be influenced to a degree by the environment and the individual seeds themselves because in regular seeds, each seed has the potential to be slightly or greatly different, from the same recipient plant and same pollen donor; like combinations when rolling dice. There are set number of possibilities, but the range can be minimal or great, say like a 6 sided dice versus 20 sided dice.

Note: growing feminized CBD seeds (versus growing regular CBD seeds) will ensure Identical Genetic make-up in each seed, ie they are essentially “seed clones”, and will all have the exact same genetic potential. The only differences in female seeds from plant to plant will arise from the growing conditions and practices (Phenotype)

When growing CBD seeds Old School Breeders Association offers only high quality CBD seed sources including Reeferman Genetics. Obtaining CBD seeds from award winning and established breeders helps ensure that the genetic dice are loaded in favour of you having higher numbers of plants with Low THC and High CBD when starting crops from regular seeds.

However, unless growing CBD crops from high quality feminized seeds (no variations in plants), no matter how expert the breeding, there will be some level of variation from plant to plant with regular seeds—that’s nature At Work; diversity!

When growing CBD seeds, you can use the diversity in regular seeds to your advantage. By growing a trial crop of plants and rooting labeled cuttings from each plant you can test and evaluate each plant after harvest for your specific needs. Keep the mother plants that have the right combination of THC:CBD for your therapeutic use, and recreate identical plants by rooting more cuttings from your favourite mothers.

You may also find that besides THC:CBD levels that fit your needs, some plants in the garden will prefer your growing style and environment over others from the same pack of regular CBD seeds, making them especially good candidates for keeping to clone from for future crops.

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