Grow Four Plants Canada

As of October 17th 2018 it is legal to grow four plants Canada! While there are some restrictions and limitations (check your local laws), adult Canadians are allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.  Starting plants with Feminized Seeds guarantees that each seed you germinate will turen out to be a Female Plant, meaning there is no wasted plants in your limiation count that will need to be removed as male plants (to avoid unwanted pollination).  Starting cannabis crops from feminized marijuana seeds (browse our list of feminized strains) has several advatanges over starting from clones, including:

-no pests or problems are introduced to your garden from seeds

-start plants when you want to; seeds can keep for a long time when stored properly

-grow a wider variety of strains that you simply won't find at your local dispensary or cannabis provider

-seed crops exhibit more vigour than clones, typically yielding up to +30% more versus clones

-seed plants grow a tap root, clones do not--this is especially advantageous if you plan to plant outdoors


Enjoy your Freedom, Canada!  Freedom For Four starts now.

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