Grow Four Plants Canada

As of October 17th 2018 it is legal to grow four plants Canada! While there are some restrictions and limitations (check your local laws), adult Canadians are allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.  Starting plants with Feminized Seeds guarantees that each seed you germinate will turen out to be a Female Plant, meaning there is no wasted plants in your limiation count that will need to be removed as male plants (to avoid unwanted pollination).  Starting cannabis crops from feminized marijuana seeds (browse our list of feminized strains) has several advatanges over starting from clones, including:

-no pests or problems are introduced to your garden from seeds

-start plants when you want to; seeds can keep for a long time when stored properly

-grow a wider variety of strains that you simply won't find at your local dispensary or cannabis provider

-seed crops exhibit more vigour than clones, typically yielding up to +30% more versus clones

-seed plants grow a tap root, clones do not--this is especially advantageous if you plan to plant outdoors


Enjoy your Freedom, Canada!  Freedom For Four starts now.

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Drying & Storing Buds for Potency

Drying & Storing Buds for Potency

Preserving THC, CBD and Terpines in your cannabis crop harvests depends a lot on how you go about drying & stroring buds for potency.

To capture the best quality, it's important to cut down your crop when it's at peak ripeness--look for when the resin glands turn from clear to milky.  Amber means past peak ripeness.

Make sure the drying area has moderate air movement and is room temperature with low humidity.  Screens for racking trimmed buds or lines for hanging up trimmed branches are a good way to go.  Make sure that there is some air space between the buds, don't pack anything in too tight.

For the first few days the crop will lose a lot of moisture quickly--but don't pack them into jars or bags too early or any residual mositure deeper in the stem could cause problems.  After the first few days of drying, it usually takes another four days or so before the stem will snap when you try to.  That's when it's time to move buds onto the curing phase.

To cure your buds once air dried, loosely pack them into glass jars or sealable bins and close tight.  Once or twice a day, open up the lids and gnetly rearrange the buds.  Repeat this for a week or so and you will be rewarded with beautiful flavors and aromas in the harvest.  Be gentle--dry resin glands are easily knocked off the buds.

After you are 100% sure your buds are dry and cured you can keep the lids on tight and store in a cool dark place to preserve the best quality.

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Reeferman Genetics Feminized Blueberry Greenhouse Growing

Reeferman Genetics Feminized Blueberry Greenhouse Growing under natural lighting conditions, no black out system.  Wow, what a solid producer--if you know the weather in Autumn they get in the CDN Pacific NorthWest, this picture says a lot about how well acclimated this Bluberry selection is.  Very potent, finsihes solid and the aroma and flavor are pure Bluberry--a real treat.  If you're looking for a hearty and quality strain Reeferman Genetics feminized Blueberry has you covered--a fairly even hybrid between Indica to Sativa; produces golden blueberry flavored extracts for all your edibles or other extractions, etc. #blueberrystrain #reefermanblueberry #feminizedblueberry 

Starting Cannabis Seeds

Starting Cannabis Seeds, a great way to grow your next crop of tasty buds.  Starting from seeds gives growers endless choice when it comes to variety selection--and by taking advantage of Old School Breeders Association special offers, you can get more than one pack for the same price, so you can start just a few from each pack to explore a wider world of cannabis versus buying clones--often from tired mother plants. 

Starting cannabis seeds means no pests or problems carried over from previous crops--a healthy, freah and clean start each time you grow.  With feminized seeds, there will be no males to pull either--and plants will finish at the same time just like clones!

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