Starting Cannabis Seeds

Starting Cannabis Seeds, a great way to grow your next crop of tasty buds.  Starting from seeds gives growers endless choice when it comes to variety selection--and by taking advantage of Old School Breeders Association special offers, you can get more than one pack for the same price, so you can start just a few from each pack to explore a wider world of cannabis versus buying clones--often from tired mother plants. 

Starting cannabis seeds means no pests or problems carried over from previous crops--a healthy, freah and clean start each time you grow.  With feminized seeds, there will be no males to pull either--and plants will finish at the same time just like clones!

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Old School RoadKill Skunk Seeds Strain

Old School RoadKill Skunk Seeds Strain, THE Skunk that set the standard for quality domestic grown cannabis, starting in the USA before growers began to identify with the European "Skunk" pheno which by comparrison with this long lost original dank standard is sweet.  Road Kill Skunk is argueably the dankest strain you are likely to encounter.  There's a good reason, in fact MANY good reasons, why people continue to look past the strong and pungent aroma--this strain grows with exceptional hybrid vigor from regular seeds and offers heavy yields of very potent (and incredibly pungent) buds.  The real deal--and it IS as good as you remember...made available by Old School Breeders Association. #roadkillskunk #roadkillstrain #roadkillskunksseeds #oldschoolskunk

BC Mango X NH21 Seeds Strain

BC Mango X NH21 Seeds Strain, BC Mango is a lower mainland legend for big yeilds and crowd pleasing bag appeal, a commercial superstar for production minded growers.  When crossed With Nevilles Haze #21, the results are spectacular from both a yield and potency perspective.  Incredible tastes and aromas bordering on tropical characterize these GIANT crystal covered buds.  Plants can get HUGE and while doing great under lights or outdoors in very long warm seasons. BC Mango X Nevilles Haze 21 can be an especially great choice fopr greenhouse growers looking for heavy and reliable harvests of exceptional character--additional support is recommended for the weight of these buds near maturity. #bcmangonh21 #bcmangostrain #nevilleshaze #oldschoolbreedersassociation

Old School Garlic Bud Strain Seeds

Old School Garlic Bud Strain Seeds, great genetics for solid (and pungent) finsishes!  This strain is possibly the most medicinal strain on our menu. It gives real relief for nerve pain, insomnia and general relaxation as well as being antianxiety and a paranoid free. This strain regularly comes in above 20% thc. The taste is of spicy garlic mixed with Afghan hash.Garlic bud is a mostly pure afghan with a touch of sativa which adds to the complexity of the flavours and lengthens the effect. Odor control is recommended when growing this one out, well worth the extra measure of caution to harvest a stash of theseOld School  ultra-dank and tasty crystal covered buds! #garlicbudstrain #afghanstrain #cannabisseeds #oldschoolbreeders #garlicstrainseeds