Old School Northern Lights X Haze Strain Seeds

Old School Northern Lights X Haze Strain Seeds, a solid and well proven F1 Hybrid that produces heavy yields of quality on vigorous plants.  This is one of THE classic titans of cannabis genetics crosses, and well noted for the great balance of Sativa to Indica in the offspring given polar opposite parent plants. A great choice to grow out your entire crop from regular seeds after discarding any male plants. No need to find a mother plant to clone from, although if you choose to, you might be hard pressed to find a favourite. Most growers note higher yields and fewer issues when growing crops from seed. This cross offers lots of similar female plants from each package of Regular Seeds (versus feminized). #oldschoolstrains #oldschoolNorthernLightsXHazeStrainSeeds #cannabisseeds #oldschoolstrainsseeds #oldschoolcannabisstrains

Sour Love Potion Strain Female Seeds

Sour Love Potion Strain Female Seeds, via Reeferman Genetics. Stay tuned for availability.  Reeferman Genetics Award Winning Cup Cut Strain Love Potion crossed with the real deal Sour D--carefully selected and made available as 100% guaranteed Female Seeds. Plants grow short and chunky like an Indica while producing FAT buds of good density that smoke like a relaxing Sativa with sour notes on a woodsy boquet.  Very easy to grow, yields Heavy AND Fast! Typically finishes in 7 weeks from flowering. You won't want to miss out on this one! Also available as Regular Seeds (in stock NOW). #lovepotionstrain #sourDstrain #reefermanfemaleseeds #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbreedersassociation #oldschoolBA

OldSchool Fire OG Seed Strain

OldSchool Fire OG Seed Strain, an intense OG ride with great flavor and aroma.  Argueably one of the most potent OG variants available today. The Sativa genes make this a plant that likes to get big and full.  When adeptly grown, yields can be HEAVY--usually strains this potent tend to yiled a little on the lighter side; not the case with Old School Breeder's Association Fire OG. If you're looking to add an OG to your garden, look no further. #fireog #ogkush #oldschoolbreedersassociation #oldschoolFireOG #fireOGseeds


Growing Female Cannabis Seeds Tips

Growing Female Cannabis Seeds Tips. Growing feminized seeds is easy, here's an everyday hobby garden with Reeferman Genetics Lemon Ice (front), C-99 (left, back) and AlphaDawg (right, back). These plants were grown with organic nutrients in a climate controlled environment.  With good nutes and a proper environemnt, the grower has little to do excepty keep up with watering and pruning.  

The number one mistake we see is people killing their plants with kindness, ie they give them too much of everythging too soon. Until your seedlings develop their first "true leaves" (following the seed leaves), they usually just need gentle light & plain water sparingly.  From there, you can gradually start to ramp up lighting and feeding while making sure temperatures don't go over 85 Deg F. #growingfeminizedseeds #growingfemalecannabisseedstips #growingcannabisseeds #reefermanfemaleseeds