Reeferman Genetics CBD Strain Seeds

Reeferman Genetics CBD Strain Seeds have been developed over several generations while paying a very close eye to mono gas chromatography testing in the process of strain selection.  Old School Breeders Association RMG CBD strain is an excellent choice for those seeking to grow truly medicinal crops that yield lots of resin that is low in THC and high in CBD with great qualities. Old School seeds recommends growing out a test crop from seed and then selecting Mother plants to propagate future crops from because the Cannabinoid properties will vary slightly from plant to plant--this way, you find and grow the right resin profile for your needs. Call for further details. #cbdstrain #rmgcbd #reefermanCBD #CBDStrainSeeds

Reeferman Genetics Tuna Kush Cannabis Cup Winner Female Seeds

Reeferman Genetics Tuna Kush Cannabis Cup Winner Female Seeds, Award Winning Cup Cut genetics via Feminized seeds from Old School Breeders Association.  Winner of first place High Times Cannabis Cup, Jamaica is a super resinous Kush phenotype with ultra dank smell and taste;a very complex boquet that evolves as plants ripen.  Well known for exceptional yields of extract from harvested and dried buds, usually +20-30% more versus others, according to many Old School customers feedback.#tunakushseeds #femaletunakushseeds #cannabiscupwinner #reefermantunakush

Reeferman Genetics JoJo Kush Strain Seeds

Reeferman Genetics JoJo Kush Strain Seeds, a really awesome Kush phenotype developed in NorCal by the legendary and sadly departed JoJo Rizzo. A little bit of stretch early in flower gives way to super solid and chunky round hard buds that finish with slightly sweet floral tones with a leathery scent, really spectacular! Great producer and lots of resin--does great indoors or greenhouses while it was esepcially devloped for outdoor Northern California growing.#JoJoKush #JoJoStrain #cannabisseeds #kushseeds #kush #reefermangenetics #oldschoolBAseeds

Old School Indica Strain Seeds

Old School Indica Seeds strain, is a text book Indica plant by which other are measured by.  Short growing and bushy with a 7-8 week flowering period to harvest fat hard nugs that glisten with resin on all part of the bud.  The flavor and aroma are earthy spice with a hint of floral tones.  Buzz is calming, lethargic and euphoric--a great smoke for winding down or chasing away any aches and pains before stimulating a healthy appetite.  Easy to grow indoors and does well in most climates that remain warm to the start of October at Northern Latitudes. #oldschoolindica #indicastrain #indicaseeds #cannabisseeds #oldschoolbreedersassociation