Old School Indica Strain Seeds

Old School Indica Seeds strain, is a text book Indica plant by which other are measured by.  Short growing and bushy with a 7-8 week flowering period to harvest fat hard nugs that glisten with resin on all part of the bud.  The flavor and aroma are earthy spice with a hint of floral tones.  Buzz is calming, lethargic and euphoric--a great smoke for winding down or chasing away any aches and pains before stimulating a healthy appetite.  Easy to grow indoors and does well in most climates that remain warm to the start of October at Northern Latitudes. #oldschoolindica #indicastrain #indicaseeds #cannabisseeds #oldschoolbreedersassociation


Reeferman Island Sweet Skunk Strain Seeds

ReefermanIsland Sweet Skunk strain X RMG Skunk from seeds. Double down on the Skunk and your mood will never be in a funk! Big dank yields and a Super Buzz make this a real crowd pleaser. #islandsweetskunk #skunkstrain #reefermanskunk #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbreedersassociation #oldschoolseeds #skunk #cannabisseeds #buds

Reeferman Harmony X Thai strain seeds

Reeferman Harmony X Thai strain seeds delivers exotic highs and aromas in a compact balanced hybrid bud. Seriously potent and yields heavy when grown as a large plant. #reefermangenetics #reefermanthai #harmonystrain #cannabis #cannabisseeds

Reeferman Genetics Harmony Strain Female Seeds

Reeferman Genetics Harmony Strain Female Seeds are produced from the original Award Winning Cup Cut Strain to deliver genetics that produce short, stocky plants with round hard buds like and Indica, while the buzz has plenty of Sativa, ie uplifting and not physically overwhelming. #cannabiscupwinner #harmonystrain #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbreedersassociationseeds