Colombian Red Sativa Seeds

Old School Colombian Red Sativa landrace genetics. Old School Breeders Association believes no place is too far to go in order to deliver the best and most diverse range of Cannabis Seeds possible. Heres a great example as to why. #sativa #colombianred #cannabisseeds #oneloveenterprises

OG Kush X Neville's Haze 21

OG Kush X Neville's Haze 21 gives great yields of super potent buds that offer a great blance between Indica-Sativa genetics. While not one of the least expensive seed strains to buy from our list, we get nothing but compliments on this one.  Two powerhouse strains in a balanced combonation, what more do you want? #nevilleshaze #ogkush #oldschoolseeds #oldschoolbreedersassociation #cannabisseeds

Reeferman Love Potion Strain Female Seeds

Reeferman Love Potion Strain Female Seeds from Old School Breeders Association are the result of feminizing THE award winning cup cut strain, ie High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa Winner.  Always yields heavy super pungent nugs that smell strongly of pine and caraway. Relaxing effects that many find to also act as somewhat of an aphrodisiac. #lovepotionstrain #lovepotionseeds #hightimescannabiscupwinner #reefermangenetics #awardwinningcupcutstrain

Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains, Old School Breeders Association has an excellent selection for you! Started off indoors, these selections can yield HEAVY and Early with proper care after transplanted outdoors.  Visit our site or phone to choose your new favorite.  If you can't decide, give our Early Purple Kush a try--it's a flagship strain via Reeferman Genetics #outdoorcannabis #growingoutdoors #outdoorcannabisstrains #outdoorcannabisseeds #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbreedersassociation