Reeferman Pink Kush Female Seeds

Reeferman Pink Kush Female Seeds from Old School Breeders Association gives growers Award Winning Cup Cut Genetics that produce serious quantities of prize winning resins. Seriously, folks who squish or extract often get up to 50%+ more yield keeping all things equal and using Pink Kush buds or fine trim.  The flavor is between Floral and Fuel with a long lasting very deep narcotic like buzz. Great for aches and pains. #kush #pinkkush #reefermanseeds #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbreedersassociation

Reeferman Skunk Seed Genetics

Reeferman Skunk Seed Genetics, from our regular seeds, gives growers a top shelf gene pool to select new favorites to clone or a very nice selection of ultra dank buds to smoke after hravested and cured to perfection.  Does great indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors with long warm seasons. A signature strain indeed. #reefermanskunk #reefermanseeds #skunk #dank #regularseeds

Reeferman C99 Female Cannabis Seeds

Reeferman C99 Female Cannabis Seeds produce identical heavy resin covered plants, guaranteed 100% female. Nice citrus to spice boquet and heavy yields.  Excellent for ScROG or grown as larger plants, as she likes to spread out.  Rock hard resin coated nuggets in an easy to grow plant. Highly recommended. #c99seeds #femaleseeds #reefermanseeds #oldschoolbreedersassociation

Lemon Ice, the original, Feminized Seeds

Lemon Ice, the original, Feminized Seeds. Even in early flower, this bud is caked in a thick carpet of silver resin. Lemon Ice packs serious potency with a very UP high.  Growth habit is very Sativa while buds finish very hard like an Indica.  Intense lemon aroma and flavor with high yields. #lemonice #lemonicestrain #originallemonice #oldschoolba