Best Cannabis Breeders

Old School Breeders Association works with World Best cannabis breeders to help create our Award Winning Cup Cut strains so we can make these very special plants available to cannabis growers all over the world by way of seeds.  Here's a look at the careful pollent collection that takes place to produce our award winning cannabis seeds--all done by hand with our master seed breeders. #bestcannabisbreeders #cannabisbreeders #cannabisseeds #cannabisstrains #femaleseeds


Reeferman Genetics Love Potion Award Winning Cup Cut Seed Strain

Reeferman Genetics Love Potion Award Winning Cup Cut Seed Strain. An exceptional Sativa in producing tight and thick buds with a potent relaxing laid back appeal in the buzz.  Smells of pine and spice, rich in terps. Consistently a top performer in any grow room or greenhouse.

Tuna Kush Alpha Dawg Female Seeds

Tuna Kush Alpha Dawg Female Seeds, we won 2nd place at High Time Cannabis Cup with our Tuna Kush.  No surprise either with the level of potency and intense aroma and flavor that this strain offers.  Never content to rest on previous successes, we lightly reoworked the strain to retain the potency and intensity while giving more yield and better growth. Here's a perfect example, grown from guaranteed 100% female seeds. Get yours! #tunakush #femaleseeds #alphadawgstrain #cannabiscupwinners

NYSD Cannabis Strain Reeferman Genetics


Reeferman Genetics offers NYSD (NY Sour Diesel) cannabis seed genetics to growers looking for great hybrid vigor and uplifting potency with ultra funk-a-licious notes to the boquet.  Also great choice for breederrs looking to hybridize Indica lines with a choice Sativa.