Ambrosia Kush, Feminized Seeds Reeferman Genetics

Ambrosia Kush, Feminized Seeds Reeferman Genetics.  Ambrosia is a spicy selection with strong physical potency--the result of a related breeding program that was isolated and lightly worked into many of Reeferman Feminized Selections! A little finciky on it's own although big yields, an exotic far-east spicy boquet and serious potency are welcome attributes for crossing into other carefully selected strains.

Lemon Ice, Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Ice! A super potent and terpine rich Sativa Dominant strain available as feminized seeds.

Starting Seeds, Summer Germination Cannabis Crops

Starting Seeds, Summer Germination Cannabis Crops. It's not too late to start a Cannabis Crop from Seeds for a bountiful harvest this Fall.  Summertime cannabis seed sowing can be done indoors under regular shop lights--germinate under the flowering cycle time (12/12) before transplanting outdoors.  While you'll need more plants to accomplish the same yields versus bigger plants started earlier in the season, you're sure to have some beautiful compact buds that keep a low profile.

One Love, Global Cannabis Enterprises.

One Love. @reefermangenetics Global Cannabusiness Enterprises. Jamaica, Colombia, where to next?! Respect.