Cannabis Seeds Germination Rates

Cannabis Seeds Germination Rates.  We Guarantee ALL of our germination rates at Old School Breeders Association, whether selecting from Reeferman Genetics, Monster Breeders or any of our all star team of global cannabis seed strain master breeders.

FREE Cannabis Seeds, Call for Details--NO BS.

FREE Cannabis Seeds, Call for Details--NO BS.It's true Old School Breeders Association offers FREE Seeds with each order.  They are of the highest quality strains too, the strains we give away change regularily. Order seeds from Old School, and we'll send you 10 additional Seeds absolutely free of any charges.

Buying Outdoor Growing Cannabis Seeds

Buying Outdoor Growing Cannabis Seeds. Old School Breeders Association makes it easy to grow the right cannabis strains from seeds for your climate and needs--just ask us what's good and let us know when rains or frosts are coming your way and we can recommend.  Or maybe you live near the equator and need something a little more Sativa--hey, no problem-eh!

Lemon Ice Female Seeds, Reeferman Genetics

Lemon Ice Female Seeds, Reeferman Genetics.  Big yields and an intense zesty lemon aroma with a pleasent sour taste describe these potent buds well. A great Sativa dominant strain to grow indoors if you enjoy potent "up" qualties in your smoke.  Very rich in terps.