Reeferman Love Potion Female Seeds

Reeferman Love Potion Female Seeds.  2009 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner for Sativa category.  This Reeferman Genetics Award Winning Cup is a fave with growers and patients alike. BIG heavy firm buds that are thick with a heavy pine scented sap pleases all!

Cannabinoid Basics, THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV

Cannabinoid Basics, THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV. Great chart for easy and basic understanding of how the Cannabinoids in medicinal marijuana can help.  Our staff are knowledgable and can recommend a seed strain that has the types and quantities of cannabinoids in the harvest that you seek--contact us!

Keeping Cannabis Plants Bushy

Keeping Cannabis Plants Bushy.  More branches in the same space can mean more buds or cuttings for rooting.  After germination and once seedlings have a few sets of true leaves, pinch back the main growing tip--the smaller growing points below will take over, creating a bushier statured plant. Of course, genetics count--ask us for a variety that suits your growing needs--we can help!

Reeferman Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reeferman Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Here's a great customer grown example of Reeferman Genetics Tangerine Mist. Incredible potency on this one, grows like a broom head; lots of spears of tight crystal covered buds that smell and taste strongly of fresh tangerine.  All Reeferman Genetics Feminized Seeds are 100% GUARANTEED to be stable and all female.