Vietnam Black Cannabis Genetics, Purple Crown

Purple Crown, pictured, is an easy to grow, high yielding cannabis strain that produces dense buds of extremely potent and exotic qualities.  Reeferman's Vietnam Black is an important building block in many of our Award Winning Cup Cut Strains-- see what's new, give us a call.

Reeferman Grand Daddy Purple, Rizzo Cut

Looking for HEAVY yields in a reliable growing strain with nice appeal?  Reeferman Genetics Grand Daddy Purple via OldSchoolBA is an amazing strain that produces HUGE chunky nugs of good density.  Smells of dried grapes and has a notably astingent quality. Buds can get so PURPLE they almost look black--all parts including the leaves, calyxes--even the hairs.  Also available as a Hybrid via careful selection and breeding.

Reefermans Early Purple Kush

Looking for rock hard super potent Kush nugs that finish FAST? Look no further than Reeferman Genetics Cup Winning EPK (Early Purple Kush).  An awesome purple Kush selection crossed with an Early Island Indica.  Very reliable and done in October at most latitudes--does fabulous indoors too, and is often ready to harvest at seven weeks after 12/12 lighting is initiated. This has been a long stand RMG flagship strain--for good reason!

Tajikistani Cannabis Strains

Tajikistani Cannabis Strains. Say what?!  Yes, some really nice hash plant kush type phenotypes have been selected for and grown out for many, many years in this region.  We have grown out land race seeds on this side of the pond, selected carefully and lightly reowoked for better growing and higher yields--sometimes OldSchoolBA will include these FREE with your seed order--just ask for details!