Tuna Kush, Cannabis Cup Winner

Tuna Kush is a super compact growing Kush strain of exceptional potency. Second Place Indica at High Times 2015 World Cup, in fact. Even plants that like to stay tight can be coaxed to grow BIG.  Here's a great example of what can be done with plenty of veg time.

Kush Lovers, Behold Harmony!

Harmony is an Award Winning Cup Cut Strain available at OldSchoolBA via Reeferman Genetics.  Buds are super dense and dank with some UP qualities not always found in most Kush strains--some happy Thai genetics are part of the make-up.  For cultivators, plants grow extremly compact.  Perfect as a high yielding larger plant after some veg time, or as flowering carpets in fast cropping SOG set-ups.

Reeferman Genetics Love Potion Female Seeds

Reeferman Genetics Love Potion is a Cup winning Sativa strain and is avaialble through OldSchoolBA as 100% Guaranteed Female & Stable Seeds and in Feminized Hybrid Seed.  Always gets rave reviews from both patients and growers alike.  Potent, huge, dank pine buds that shimmer when dried leave nothing lacking.  Fairly easy to grow too.

Ambrosia Kush, Exotic, Pungent & VERY Potent Female Cannabis Seeds

Ambrosia Kush is a super potent and very exotic selection from a careful breeding project, and is available in 100% female and stable seeds in a variety of crosses via Old School Breeders Association.  

Some of the genetics used to create this cross (and finally selected for using mono gas chromatography after several test grows) include Tuna Kush, Atomic Northern Lights, C-99 and a super exotic South East Asian variety. Total "Dream Team" of plant genetics. Great yields and grows very well with stronger feedings under lights.