Support Your Local Crops

Support Your Local Crops! Building support systems for larger plants will help keep crops more productive and helps eliminate common problems before they start.  Heavy buds full of mositure leaning into one another can lead to rots and other problems.  Overlapping leaves can create pools of moisture and is also an easy place for problem insects to hide out and multiply.  Plants will direct more energy into heavier buds because they won't spend as much time building thicker stems.

Feminized Kush Strain, Ambrosia Strain Hydro Grown

Feminized Kush Strain, Ambrosia Strain Hydro Grown.  A very nice "shining" example of when high quality Reeferman Genetics meets ultra-clean and supercharged hydroponic growing methods.  Ambrosia Kush is available at Old School as 100% Female seeds hybridized with some of our select Award Winning Cup Cut Strains.

UBC Chemo Strain Monster Breeders

UBC Chemo is a strain that is reportedly University developed to help alleviate some of the symptoms that result from Chemotherapy.  Physically relaxing, mildly euphoric and definitly appeitie stimulating are what most report.  The Chemo Strain has also developed a big recreational following for these reasons and more--this example is from Monster Breeders "grow big or go home".

Easy to Grow Exotic Cannabis Strains

Through careful hybridization, you can reap some seriously exotic cannabis in terms of effects, terpines, etc while still keeping gardens productive and managable via careful Hybridization.  Here's a great example, exotic Vietnamese and Cambodian Sativa qualities in a very Indica growth pattern--compact enough for LEDs indoors.  This is what seperates the Breeders from Pollen Chuckers--WE GUARANTEE YOUR 100% Satisfaction--ASK our Knowldegable Staff for Recommendations.