When To Feed Cannabis Seedlings


Your cannabis seeds just need warmth, air and moisture to germinate--lighting is only required once seeds sprout. Seedlings pack their own food supply too.  Only after the first true new leaves emerge do you need to consider adding fertilizer.  Start with 1/4 strength every third watering until they show signs they would like more. 

Compact Indica Growth, Sativa Buzz. Harmony Female Seeds

A great example of just how compact and sturdy Reeferman Genetics Harmony grows!  The buds are very "OG" in appearance and boquet, with a nice potent and "UP" quality that tapers off into physical relaxation. Wonderful medicinal possibilities for many--and easy to grow indoors.

Reeferman Haze, Nevilles Haze, Original Haze, Tropical Haze

Are you a Haze lover? A well grown and cured Haze selection is usually at the top of any Cannabis Connoisseur's wish list. Happy, UP and motivated highs with no ceiling can be a welcome change from stupifying Indicas.  Also, Haze buds actuyally get a little better ie more potent and tasty after a few months in a jar, ie proper storage gives these buds a much longer shelf life versus others.  OldSchoolBA has a HUGE selection of Hazes to choose from.

Reeferman Genetics Harmony Feminized Seeds Hybrids


Nice macro of a seeded Reeferman Genetics Harmony bud.  Very potent, super dank and rock hard! Available as 100% Guaranteed Female & Stable Seeds, pure or lightly reworked with some outr most potent and terpine rich favorites.