Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush Seeds Strain

Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush Seeds Strain, this one has remained a Flagship strain here at OldSchoolBA via Reeferman Genetics.  While also a noted award winning cup cut strain, these genetics remain a favorite with growers looking for high potency in fast and reliable finishes.  Most phenotypes will finish in 7 weeks as stout, rock hard buds that can get very deep purple in color with cool temperatures near maturity.  The deep colors make for a perfect back drop for a thick white crust of resin.  The scent is floral with a bit of spicy hash. #reefermankush #earlypurplekush #earlykushstrain #oldschoolBA #cannabisseeds #purplekushseeds

Old School Colombian Seeds Strain

Old School Colombian Seeds Strain, another phenotype shown here from our Land Race Colombian Cannabis Strains selections.  Working with Colombian strains gives Cannabis growers solid and well selected genetics to work with, whether for production of exotic buds & cannabinoids or to introduce strong and stable genes into cannabis breeding programs. Expect lots of vigor, great yields and strong potency--and perhaps some flavors and aromas you may not have experienced elsewhere! #colombiancannabis #landracecannabisstrains #colombianstrains #cannabisseeds #oldschoolBAseeds

Old School Blueberry Kush Female Seeds Strain

Old School Blueberry Kush Female Seeds Strain, Our growing-in-fame Blueberry Kush is back via Reeferman Genetics! Extremely intense blueberry flavor and aroma characterize the beautiful buds, developing very early in the flowering cycle; just gets more intense as plants mature.  Potency is excellent, very Kush in the effects.  Plants grow exceptionally tight and chunky.  Buds finish dense, round and hard with lots of crystal even the smaller bud leaves are caked with resin.  This one will do well outdoors in most climates that don't encounter heavy rains or frosts until early October in Northern Latitudes. #blueberrykush #femaleblueberrystrainseeds #blueberrystrain #reefermangenetics #oldschoolbaseeds

Old School Grape Bud Female Seed Strain

Old School Grape Bud Female Seed Strain, a candy like bud in every sense of the term!  Super sweet and sticky, a great balance between Indica and Sativa genetics and of course very Grape in aroma and flavor; just like a grape lollipop.  The buzz comes on intense and is not to be toyed with, a little racey at first then a long lasting warm and tingly ride.  Bud hairs can appear as deep maroon or purple coloured while growing and glow against a thick matt of white resin in dried and cured buds.  Growth is stocky and buds finsih large and full with firm density.  Great yields after about 8 weeks of flowering and an option for outdoor growers with long warm seasons. COMING SOON, AVAILABLE AS 100% GUARANTEED FEMALE SEED. #grapecannabisstrain #oldschoolgrapebud #femaleseeds #grapestrain #oldschoolBA #reefermangenetics