Old School Outdoor Strains Seeds

Old School Outdoor Strains Seeds, it's still not too late to plant outdoors this season! Here's an exotic outdoor Sativa thriving in a warm climate outdoors.  These strains will yield very well, even if you are planting seeds late into the season due to the prolific growth and development they exhibit.  Potency can be VERY high with some of our Sativas.  The only catch is you need a warm and long season--or a greenhouse verus our Autoflower or Fast Indica selections.  Some growers with just a few plants can move their darlings into heated sheds at night and put them back out in the morning when the sun is shining to extend their local outdoor growing season. #outdoorstrains #outdoorcannabisseeds #outdoorsativastrains #oldschoolsativastrains

Chemo Seeds Strain Feminized, UBC Cut Old School Breeders

Chemo Seeds Strain Feminized, UBC Cut Old School Breeders BACK IN STOCK! The lenedary UBC Chemo strain is available again at Old School Breeders as 100% guaranteed female seeds again via Reeferman Genetics. Reportedly, and most seem to agree it's the case, this strain was University developed for a cannabinoid profile that is well suited to use for those undergoing Chemotherapy. The effects are commonly described as euphoric and functional with all over body relaxation and pain releif.  Also great for stimulating apetite.  Recreational tokers also love the buzz--and those who know this strain well can easily identify these nugs from miles because of the uniquely pungent aroma and flavor.  Growers love the yields of this fairly even Sativa-Indica hybrid too--buds can get very big and usually require additional support. This is the real deal, made available as feminized seeds. #ubcchemostrainseeds #chemostrainseeds #chemofeminizedseeds #chemoseeds

Old School Grape Strain Feminized Seeds

Very "Grape" and Very Potent, that's Old School Grape Strain Feminized Seed! * Check those purple hairs * that dry and cure to fiery orange--everything about this strain makes it Purple & Grape.  Grape lollipop flavor and aroma, purple bud leaves and purple hairs with lots of white frosting make this an especially noteworthy strain.  The genetics were selected and feminized from a (G.Bud X Blueberry) X (Special plant) cross that has more than one Cannabis Cup Winner in the lineage.

Ideal for growing indoors under lights or in a heated greenhouse.  Good outdoor production potential in regions that stay warm and dry through to October.  Fairly compact plants that grow long full buds that pack plenty of density when given adequate lighting. It's best to trim the bottoms so energy can be concnetrated into the purple tops that glisten with resin. #purplestrainseeds #grapecannabisstrain #oldschoolgrapestrain #oldschoolBAseeds #feminizedseeds

Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush Seeds Strain

Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush Seeds Strain, this one has remained a Flagship strain here at OldSchoolBA via Reeferman Genetics.  While also a noted award winning cup cut strain, these genetics remain a favorite with growers looking for high potency in fast and reliable finishes.  Most phenotypes will finish in 7 weeks as stout, rock hard buds that can get very deep purple in color with cool temperatures near maturity.  The deep colors make for a perfect back drop for a thick white crust of resin.  The scent is floral with a bit of spicy hash. #reefermankush #earlypurplekush #earlykushstrain #oldschoolBA #cannabisseeds #purplekushseeds