Original Haze, Sativa Sticky Fingers

Original Haze, Sativa Sticky Fingers.  Talk about OldSchool! Amazing UP,UP,UP buzz with little or no ceiling.  In moderation, great for stimulating conversation and sociaizing.  A few too many tokes and you'' have to stay in the stratosphere for a bit before coming down gently. Check us for seeds!

Bushy Cannabis Growth Habits

Bushy Cannabis Growth Habits.  Bigger yields in less space--perfect for under lights or on patios.  Growth traits like this are largely genetic--our experts can help you pick the right seed strain if this is one of your criteria.  Further branching can be stimulated by pinching back the main growth tip and feeding with kelp extracts through the veg stage.

Grow Tent Cannabis Crop Strains

Grow Tent Cannabis Crop Strains.  Unless you are a master grower, it's better to select genetics that suit your growing style or needs rather than the other way around.  Growing in a tent means that you want plants that will enjoy warmer temperatures, resist humidity issues and that stay compact.  Pictured is Purple Crown (Early Purple Kush X Vietnam Black)

Mother Plants for Rooting Cannabis Cuttings

Mother Plants for Rooting Cannabis Cuttings. Growing out fresh mother stock from seed anually is a great way to keep your hgarden healthy and productive without the use of any harsh chemicals.  Once you have selected a mother from your seed crop, you'll be able to replicate your favorite plants, making growing from seed smart AND rewarding.