Growing Better Cannabis Transplants



When starting your crop or mother plants from seeds, growers start free of pests, diseases and nutrient disorders--a wonderful thing for BOTH quality and yields. Through the years, the only trouble we find new growers have with seeds is loving them to death, lol.  What me mean is overwatering.  After seeds germinate and establish young plants, it's time to ease off on the mositure a bit--adding drainage or using light, fast draining growing materials is an easy solution and lets you water often.

Terpine Rich Cannabis Strains, Female Seeds


Are you a Terp Hound? Love the different and distinct aromas and flavors that result from a well grown terpine rich strain? We have just the thing(s) for you! We can say, with 100% certainty, that when grown adeptly, the following GUARANTEED FEMALE seeds will produce the following  flavors and aromas distinctly, everytime you grow them out: LEMON (our Zen HP Selections), BLUEBERRY (Blueberry Punch, Blueberry Hash), TANGERINE (C-99 Tuna), PINE (Love Potion), SPICE (Ambrosia & Hybrids) and DANK (Harmony).  


Reeferman Haze Strains Seeds

Reeferman Genetics offers a variety of Sativa dominant strains including Original Haze cannabis seeds.  When looking for an UP, UP, UP experience with little to no ceiling: Blaze the Haze! For growers, it means big yields with little to no veg time required--hardly any trimming either!

Harmony Kush Feminized Seeds and Female Seeds Hybrids


Harmony (A Kush variant) that travelled from BC Canada into California during the height of prohibition days is a Cannabis Cup Winning Indica Dominant strain that masterfully balances Indica-Sativa genetics ("harmony", get it?!) to produce a plant that grows and looks very Indica, while retaining some of the more cerbral and alert "up" effects from the Sativa heritage.  Grows very tight and produces rock hard buds that test well into the low 20s of THC percentages.

Available as feminized seed in pure form, as well as guaranteed female seeds hybridized with other Award Winning Cup Cuts including Love Potion.  May we recommend our C-99 Tuna X Harmony? You'd be hard pressed to find a better growing and more potent plant with balanced effects!