Sexing Cannabis Seed Plants Early



You can start with feminized seeds to get 100% guaranteed stable females, however, with regular seeds it's usually good to remove any males early.  Germinate your seeds under 24 hour gentle lighting.  After a few weeks cut the light back to 16/8.  Many cannabis strains will show you "preflowers" while not going fully into flowering.  Saves lots of garden space!

Northern Lights Old School Indica Seeds

Our Old School Northern Lights is the real deal.  Cures to the smell of black hash and plants grow short, sturdy and finsih quickly with dense buds caked in resins.  Great medicine for alleviating stress and aches. Also well liked for breeding to plants for faster finshes outdoors while it is ideal as an indoor plant.

Reeferman Genetics RoadKill Skunk

Great Strain=Great Customer Praises!

From one of our happy friends:

"This RoadKill Skunk line is growing amazingly :-) under CMH Lights, fed organic diet with microbes, and ready to move to flowering as soon as I get cuts...hoping for a Sam The Skunk Man Esque pheno...thanks again!"


Guaranteed Germination & 100% Female Cannabis Seeds

All of Reeferman Genetics Cannabis Seeds come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, that's 90% or better germination or better on regular seeds and guaranteed 100% all stable female plants in Feminized seed strains.  With so many Cup Winners and Rare Land Race Cannabis Strains look no further!