MBA Gorilla Glue #4

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Cup Winning Potency on vigorous and high yielding plants

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Reeferman Genetics™ Presents

Monster Breeders Association Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is a Cup Winning Hybrid strain well known for it’s heavy and physical effects.  MBA’s version combines Cup Winning Rockstar Kush genetics to allow a lightly reworked version to be available for discerning cannabis growers looking for seeds in regular form, versus clone only or feminized seed offerings offerings.

The strain is originally touted as a multiple hybrid cross with a cousin or sister of ChemDawg with injections of Chocolope and Sour Diesel genetics, with plant selection leaning towards the Indica end of the spectrum in both growth and effects.

The trademark knock down physical potency while that still allows for good mental clarity, are characteristics that are abundant in the seeded offspring, and much of the original flavor and aroma are easily detected both in the growing plants and in the dried buds—very pungent!

Buds are compact, and pine cone shaped with deep green hues and purple tinges.  Lots of resin can be seen on all parts of the buds, including the small leaves makes this plant especially sticky and pungent when cultivated.

A few fiery hairs are visible against the thick white carpeting of resin.  The bud structure can get to be tower like if left to mature fully, further increasing both harvest weights and potent resin content.

When given sufficient time to develop stature in vegetative growth or when higher planting densities are used, Gorilla Glue #4 is capable of excellent yields.  With the genetic building blocks used to create this strain it’s simply hard to go wrong.  THC levels of 25% have been attained when grown in carefully controlled environments. Overall, the growth patterns are well suited to growing indoors under lights, with fairly tight spacing between nodes and budding sites.  Because of the Sativa heritage also present, plants offer some gains in size once flowering is initiated versus strains that are more Indica dominated in growth pattern.

Usually buds will finish in 8 to 9 weeks indoors after budding is initiated; a slightly shorter flowering period with the injection of RockStar Kush genetics.  The strain may also be grown outdoors in warmer conditions, maturing some time starting in late October, depending on local conditions.

Very Good to High
Flowering Time
8 to 9 weeks
: Fairly Compact, pine cone shaped nugs, dark green with tinges of purple and slightly towered calyx formations. Most noticeable is the thick, glistening matting of white resin and trichomes.
Very pungent skunky sour to earthy berry
All over, leaning towards strong physical relaxation while maintaining a good level of mental clarity. Excellent for pain relief and stimulating rest and appetite.


Saturday, 04 November 2017
I ran two phenos. One purple with the purple calyx the other was green and smelled like rotting mango, sulfur and a bit like burning tires. The purple pheno had much denser buds, possibly more yield but not as much aroma. Both phenos grew enormous phone book sized fan leafs.. so proably Rockstar OG leaning strain? Both smoke sensational pretty heavy couch lock.
Friday, 06 January 2017
cool I have been trying to find this strain for awhile now
can't wait to try it and grow it
feeling blessed
Dennis Mahon
Friday, 18 November 2016
I am so happy, I'm going to do something with these seeds when they turn to plant's. I'm going to create a monster. I have tried this a few times and out of about 8 times it only worked one time. I will graft this with a seed that I know already is pushing 38 to maybe 40 thc now. Wish me luck. That's why I got so many of the same seed. We will see what will happen. You guys will be the first to know
....Thank you very much.
David West
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