Blueberry Punch Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry Punch Guaranteed 100% Stable Female Cannabis Seeds, Sweet, Creamy and Dreamy sums up this gourmet bouquet. Intensely blueberry aroma and flavour with a mellow, euphoric quality.

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Blueberry Punch (100% Female Seeds)


Very “blueberry” in aroma and flavour in both buds and resulting extracts.  The aroma and flavour are a seriously creamy blueberry with just a little bit of frankincense spice, making this a real treat for those who seek delicious flavours and aromas in their medicinal cannabis.


The effects, while potent, are more happy, relaxing and euphoric than “racey”. When used in smaller quantities the buzz is very manageable and allows for socialization or function—the “punch” comes when used for more than one session—this strain seems to have a cumulative effect in the buzz, i.e. the more you smoke through the day or night, the stronger the effects get.


Excellent for alleviating anxiety, aches, pains or just for feeling some peace in a busy day.


Grows great as a multi branched plant that develops full and long spear like buds.  She can be a stronger feeder making it possible to coax a little more yield with good management or simply offering a more forgiving growing experience when it comes to feedings or environmental stresses.


Especially well suited to soil and soilless growing, although more experienced growers may also do well with this strain using hydro growing methods.  For the very best aroma and flavour in the final dried buds, a good flush period using plain water is recommended before harvest to amplify the incredible aroma and flavour that make this a really “gourmet” medicinal cannabis bouquet. 

Growth patterns resemble a compact Sativa, and the more space and light you give, the more the plants will grow—very well suited to growing high yielding while manageable “trees”.  After budding starts we recommend going a full nine to ten weeks before harvesting to ensure high yields of firm, spear like buds that smack of creamy blueberry.



Genetic lineage includes: BC Blueberry, Tuna Kush (Cup Winner), Atomic Northern Lights and Ambrosia Kush.


Good to Very Good
intensely blueberry; gourmet and creamy
Flowering Time
9 to 10 weeks
mellow, euphoric and calming


Tuesday, 02 May 2017
I was initially concerned by the size and color of the seeds. I thought I experience slow germination rate they were slow, lack of energy reserves, perhaps. But now I have an 80% germ
Surprise.looking forward to harvest.

Love the pen
apologies regarding my initial ignorance. You guys rock.
Sorry for trump, he will be gone soon.