Cambodian Haze

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Reeferman's Cambodian IBL x Purple Haze subsequently backcrossed to their Cambodian male.

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This is a strain that simply MUST be experienced by any Sativa lover!

The female in this cross is a well preserved inbred line of Cambodian that is reported to have some Vietnamese influence for increased yields is a rare find for connoisseur landrace genetics that rarely surface outside of very select circles.

If that wasn’t rare enough already, a well preserved stash of Colombian Purple Haze, thought by some to be near extinct was the pollen donor in producing this very rare--and very potent cross of landrace strains, bridging continents.

Some growers are told to shy away from Sativas for their longer flowering times. However, there is a pleasant trade off for indoor growers, and that’s because these varieties will require very little time in vegetative growth to finish at large and high yielding statures at maturity. Overall, the cropping times when grown indoors can be similar to achieve similar yield levels versus Indica or Kush dominant varieties.

The aromas, flavors and potency are sublime when allowed the full time for complete maturation, which is modest for a Sativa at an average of 11 weeks.

This one is easy to grow. Provide strong light, lots of room for roots and light amounts of fertilizers and she will perform wonders in any grow room or greenhouse.

Type: P.Haze X Cambo.

10 SEEDS / $80

Indoor, Outdoor Very Late
Flowering Time
11 weeks
increase during flowering: +125%
High Potency


Sunday, 08 July 2018
I love this stain strange mine grew under the same conditions as all the other stains 7gal pots everything the same my Thai landrace reached heights of 5.5 ft while Cambodian Haze !800 watts of his and 200 watts led. From the start all of these genetic grown under the same conditions of there native habitat. I harvested at 97 days. They where ready. Dinamite does come in small packages. I. Defiantly want more for sure. 1 too 10 Igive it a 8.5 to 9.

John J. Carlson