Lemon Ice Feminized Seeds

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Guaranteed 100% stable female seeds, Lemon Ice is a potent lemon scented Indica-Sativa Hybrid very rich in terpenes and THC. Cup Winning genetics are abundant in this well bred strain.

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Lemon Ice (100% Female Seeds)


Super lemon flavour and aroma with a little hint of spice.  Very potent smoke. Great balance of Sativa to Indica effects in a very Kush nugget: hard, pinecone to golf ball shaped nugs that looked dipped in sugar with just a few fiery red hairs.


Extracts come out very creamy and smack of lemon zest, very rich in terpenes.


Plants are ready to harvest eight to nine weeks after the flowering cycle begins with some tight growth to help fill out the plants stature in the first few weeks once day light is cut back to the critical 12/12 cycle.  Yields are very good to excellent, and plants grow well branched.


This strain will do exceptionally well in hydro and naturally will thrive in soil and soilless conditions also.


We recommend removing most of the larger fan leaves that remain intact for the final four weeks of flowering to help ensure strong light reaches all parts of the plant.  Due to the Hash Plant and Kush genetics that are part of the genetic makeup of this strain, you can expect the smaller bud leaves to develop a thick carpet of capped resin glands—making for great bag appeal with less trimming required.


Genetic lineage includes: Zen Hash Plant, Tuna Kush (Cup Winner), Atomic Northern Lights and Ambrosia Kush.


Guaranteed to be 100% stable, female and potent.

Very Good to Excellent
25 to 40%
Potent, Balanced Indica-Sativa
Flowering Time
8 to 9 weeks
Very Lemon with a little spice


Thursday, 15 February 2018
Lemon ice you see a lot of difference in the seeds some give you some rock hard buds better off letting it go 10 to 11 weeks then 8 or 9 pretty Stoney smoke some produced way better than others
Thursday, 07 December 2017
Put 3 seeds in to geminate and 3 days later I have 3 little lemon ice girls to grow into nice big frosty ladies
Sunday, 05 February 2017
A friend of mine purchased and grew this strain and granted me the wonderful privilege of smoking with him and i must say... WOW! very nice lemony aroma with citrusy taste and fantastic high. I highly recommend and as soon as i have some money i will be purchasing and growing my own. Extremely well balanced and wow... just WOW!!
Ezechial King
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